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Thread: Looking for RG6 Compression Tool

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    Looking for RG6 Compression Tool

    I need help to find RG6 Compression Tool. I had tried to find something in my nearby hardware shop, but they show only crimp tools. What tool I have are not suitable to compress a RG6 cable. I need that for a short period only and I hope that someone can help me to find the solution for same. I tried to do that with a regular crimp tool but the entire thing messed up with the connector and it is not at all detecting signal. Thanks.

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    Re: Looking for RG6 Compression Tool

    Which site do you searched. There are tons of site which offer a RG69 compression tool. It is a bit different than a regular crimp tool. You need to peel off the upper layer and then use the tool to fix the connector over it. There is special tool built for the same. Search for Valley Crimp Tool 3-in-1. This tool offer you to work with compression connector RG6 RG59. It is a very common tool which you can directly buy from web and also available on regular hardware shop. The price of the same is estimated around $22.

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    Re: Looking for RG6 Compression Tool

    That is a very basic crimp tool. If you want to install the same you will need to first strip the quad shield completely. Make some minor adjustment to strip the shield. Once done you can see the braid outside. Now this is the one which is needed to be fixed properly. You need to bit careful here. Now try to pull back the outer foil along with the inner braid. Do not pull out all stuff. This is what can be done manually. It can be done much more easily with the help of a compression tool. Search for RG-59 compression tool on web.

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