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Thread: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

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    Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    I have to sleeve an entire PSU and I need some good suggestion for this. I found that on the 24 pin wires, there is no presence of the capacitor and this is idle for the sleeving. I am aware that the PSU is not having the capacitor on wire but I was wondering that what else will be better for me. I am thinking to sleeve the PSU on my own because I have recently purchased 30m of paracord in neon blue. Please suggest me some good PSU for this.

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    Re: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    My suggestion to you is to get the Silverstone Strider Gold 750W. Here are the key features of this. See if this is helpful to you.
    • 80 Plus Gold Certification with high efficiency: 88% ~ 91%
    • Ultra-quiet fan 139mm Air Penetrator of fluid dynamic bearings
    • It includes magnetized FF141 filter fan
    • 100% modular cables.
    • Continuous Power Output 24 hours of 750V (850V peak power) at an operating temperature of 40 C
    • First-class single rail +12 V 62A
    • Strict voltage regulation of 3% with low ripple and resonance
    • Japanese main capacitors
    • Dual 8-pin EPS with support for multiple PCI-E 8-pin PCI-E 6-pin
    • Accepts ATX 12V 2.3 and EPS 12V

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    Re: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    Silverstone is a brand known and popular throughout the world for the breadth of his catalog and product quality. The range Strider Plus offers a 100% modular connectors. Who says 100% said cable and cable ATX CPU included. The tiny dimensions for ATX 850W (only 160 mm deep) will give you the best performance and you will also not have problem with sleeving.

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    Re: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    Silverstone Strider Gold 750W is best to make big power even better. To further reduce the low noise generated by the Strider Gold, replaced the fan with the SilverStone Air Penetrator, which has excellent cooling capacity and is prepared with fluid dynamic bearings.

    This allowed reprogram the fan controller to get a lower rate of it in any load condition generated and this is very good option as compared to its predecessor. Several components were recalibrated and replaced with newer versions to get a slight improvement in efficiency and performance.

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    Re: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    Silverstone Strider 850W is also not bad to consider. Its features look attractive:
    • 80 PLUS Gold certification with a high yield of 87% ~ 90% to 20% ~ 100% load
    • 850W (950W peak power) 24 hours of nonstop full power by 40 degree operating temperature
    • In Strict 3% voltage regulation and low ripple and noise
    • 135mm silent fan with a minimum of 19 dBA operation
    • Dual 8-pin EPS connectors support
    • Several 8-pin PCI-E and PCI-E 6 pin connectors support
    • Support ATX 12V 2.3 & EPS 12V
    • Active PFC

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    Re: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    I am using Seasonic X-560 and this is working great for me. So I would like to recommend you the same. By the end of the year, the other new X models come onto the market. The positive impression because of the outer packaging is continued while viewing the content. The X-560 comes in a rather simple design of the X-series. The case of the X-560 is similar to the X-400FL, of course, apart from the numerous vents of the X-400 Fanless. The fan grill of the X-560 is still as before, slightly curved outward, but now includes the sinking flush with the casing so that the problems of the previous X models come with certain cases no longer an issue.

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    Re: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    The entire X series currently consists of a 400, 460, 560, 650, 750 and 850W model. The observant visitor knows that there has recently been an update of this series appeared. There is now a 660W and 760W model released. This will eventually replace the 650 and 750W types. The X-460 is also just as the X-400 Fanless either passively cooled. These models are completely passively cooled by means of large heat sinks and vented design. Characteristic of all other power in this series is having the semi-passive cooling method.

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    Re: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    I think that it will be better for you to check in the range of the corsair. I am sure that you will get better options in that.

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    Re: Suggest me good PSU for Sleeving

    While sleeving, it is recommended to make use of the silverstone Strider 1200 and this will help you to remove the atx cables. This is just the suggestion and you can do it in your own way. The range of power supplies Silverstone Strider was created to meet the ever higher professional users and enthusiasts. SilverStone created the Strider with high needs thanks, to meet the certification standard 80PLUS GOLD. The Strider is built on a platform similar to the multi award-winning Strider Plus series, but with needs thanks efficiency even higher. Ranging from 750 to 1200W for a wide variety of applications, the entire range Strider is also 80PLUS certified GOLD, and are completely modular.

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