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Thread: My printer took over a week to print a page

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    My printer took over a week to print a page

    Hey there,
    I am "in charge" a small network which involved a D-Link DI-524 router, multi port switch, a HP Officejet 7400 series printer, multiple apple airports and various UTP and wirelessly connected mac and PC's. The network has both static addresses assigned and DCHP working through a range of .70 to .100.

    The other day i set up the Officejet printer on one of the UTP connected PC and i attempted to print a test page with the date typed onto it. Nothing happened. I left the problem and actually forgot about it. 1 week later, the page suddenly started printing out the printer. Also this printer works instantly when printing from other computers connected wirelessly.

    Any ideas why this computer would be having such delayed responses?

    Any help would be great. And please let me know if you require anymore information regarding my network set up.

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    Re: My printer took over a week to print a page

    A print command sent from a remote pc, the print lies in the printer memory. Printer executes the print only when it is completed with other pending prints. You can check that in the printer tool. If you can manage to control the Spooling options of printer then you can get a faster print. I had find this in Windows, not sure about mac. But there should be certain option to configure printer spooling in mac also.

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