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Thread: Printing test page using Dell printer

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    Printing test page using Dell printer

    In my office we use a Dell printer. In my department, I am the one responsible for changing the cartridges of the printer. After I change the cartridge, when I need to see if it is working fine or not, I have to walk back to my cubicle and give a print command to see if the print is ok or not. I find it irritating when the cartridge sometimes doesn’t work properly n first attempt. I need to take more than one round from my cubicle to the printer. Isn’t there anyway by which the printer itself will print some random text for testing the printing quality after I change the ink cartridge? Does anybody know a better or shorter way to test the printer rather than walking to m workplace to access the printer settings and then print?

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    Re: Printing test page using Dell printer

    I am using Dell’s color laser printer 5110cn. I know how to perform test printing in my printer. Press the menu button and go down in the list till you see Report/List. See in the middle and you will find printer settings. Press the check button. This will generate a test print which you can refer for changing the settings of the printer. This method remains same for majority of the Dell printers. If your printer doesn’t work this way, then you can refer the manual for instructions or contact the Dell service centre.

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