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Thread: Good Cloning Hardware

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    Good Cloning Hardware

    My old drive is now too slow, and too loud, I need a new drive. The current drive (Samsung 320GB) is divided into two partitions, C: \ with Vista Home Premium 32 bit and D: \ to my data, music, documents, etc. The new drive is probably a Seagate Barracuda 500GB (bought in about 1-2 weeks). So now I wanted to clone the contents of the Samsung to Seagate, are indeed some good programs for it. Which program should I take, I see issues with the cloned drive to boot and does it all in two widely different hard drives?

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    Re: Good Cloning Hardware

    I've recently done with the free Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Express. However, the drive to be backed up is not in use, meaning I had a strange disk in my computer, have created an image and then be played back on another disk.

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    Re: Good Cloning Hardware

    Since you're planning a Seagate Barracuda drive, I would say you take the Seagate disc wizard

    that’s been basically a free, slightly trimmed Acronis True image home 11th this can clone the drive and backup it well. Goes great with it, you must only have a Seagate drive in the system, regardless of whether Pata, Sata, USB or Esata.

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    Re: Good Cloning Hardware

    The clones with the Seagate tool were really simple one, even over the boot sector with Vista and Windows 7, all partitions, etc., without a noise. The copying itself around 280GB took about one and half hour. This requires a reboot after finished setting. Cloning is the place where normally the Vista login screen appears so after loading the OS. After copying, go down, disconnect old drive from the PC, boot up normally, installed Vista, the new disk, reboot defrag more Collapse, done. Foolproof, you can call the tool, an online guide from Seagate will also inexperienced users easy in the matter. I'm thrilled. Thank you both.

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