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Thread: Harddrive Problem

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    Harddrive Problem

    Okay, So i built a new computer and when i first turned it on everything was working properly. So i started to install windows xp and in the middle of the installation the computer turns off on me and then i could not get it too work again. called motherboard support started working after they had mailed me a new bois chip. Okay so i get everything too work again. I start to install windows xp it runs the little checking files thing then i get the blue screen of death. I dont know if i can fix it somehow or wipe it clean?/

    Need your help guys!


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    Re: Harddrive Problem

    I think that you might have not put the Hard Drive on "Compatibility" mode in BIOS and by default it stays on "AHCI" and that might be the reason you are getting the bsod, anyways just follow the below solution and see if it is helping:
    • First press the F2 key while booting
    • After that just select the 'Config' and then 'Serial ATA (SATA)'
    • Now just change the controller option to 'Compatibility' / 'IDE'

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