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Thread: Audio and video Distortion in Dell XPS Laptop

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    Audio and video Distortion in Dell XPS Laptop

    I have seen some of the issue with my Dell XPS Laptop, which with within some interval of time the running application and everything in my Laptop freeze and the audio sounds is playing but in slow motion. I have tried many things to figure out this issue but however I can’t able to figure out this issue. If you have any ideas about this issue or any solution for this issue, then let me know. Your reply will be thanks and appreciated

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    Re: Audio and video Distortion in Dell XPS Laptop

    These issues for distortion of Videos and Audio ids normally had seen when your driver is outdated. So it is better to visit the official site and get the updated version Driver and install it in your System to work with your Hardware. May the installation of latest Driver will help you to resolve this issue.

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    Re: Audio and video Distortion in Dell XPS Laptop

    For this issue I have visited the official site of dell, and there I have found that this is somewhat not a common issue, they have suggest to make use of application DPC latency checker. So try to restore your computer to the factory settings and also make sure that the RAM and the other hardware spec is properly install or not.

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    Re: Audio and video Distortion in Dell XPS Laptop

    You have to make verification for some Hardware or some driver problems is exsist in your system, for that you have to go to Program and then Accessories and after that go to System Tool and then System Information there you will see the Component option and inside that Option go to Problem Devices. And see whether it shows some Hardware or software issue overthere, if it is then Trouble shot those issue.

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    Re: Audio and video Distortion in Dell XPS Laptop

    Try to deselected all startup programs with the help of system configuration. Which are not needed to make use and unnessary running there in your Laptop.

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