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Thread: Getting "Device Setup Has Failed to Complete" error for HP Photosmart 8450

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    Getting "Device Setup Has Failed to Complete" error for HP Photosmart 8450

    Hello friends, i am having the Dell Inspiron 640m Laptop with the Windows XP installed on it. So i was trying to install the HP Photosmart 8450 onto it, so when i am trying to install the printer onto the laptop then it was installing then after some time i am getting "Device Setup Has Failed to Complete" error, so i am not sure that what should i do. I have downloaded the driver of the printer, and start the installing process then when doing that it give error. So what to do and give some solution to install it. Thank you.

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    Re: Getting "Device Setup Has Failed to Complete" error for HP Photosmart 8450

    You better try the following method which might help you to get the device properly installed on the laptop.

    • Unplug the USB cable connecting the printer to the computer.
    • Click on the Start
    • click Control Panel
    • Double-click Add/Remove Programs
    • Now in the list you click the HP printer and select the Add/Remove
    • You better uninstall it completely.
    • Now disconnect the printer from the power source.
    • When it is done then you clear all the tempor files
    • For that go to the Start
    • click Run and type %temp%
    • Now click on Edit
    • Then click Select All
    • Now reinstall the HP software
    • Get Software and Drivers of the printer and download it.
    • Click on the Save, save it on the hard drive.
    • Then go to the Start and click on Run.
    • Now type the msconfig and click on OK.
    • System Configuration Utility window will be open and go to general tab.
    • In the general tab you select the Normal Startup.
    • Then select the Services tab and select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box.
    • Now click on apply and close.
    • Now you can close it and do a restart of the Computer.
    • It will tell you to plug the USB cable of the printer, so you connect and it will work.

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    Re: Getting "Device Setup Has Failed to Complete" error for HP Photosmart 8450

    I have the same error which you are getting it, so i can help you to solve the problem. First you have to remove the HP Program from the Control Panel. When you have removed the program then reinstalled the Printer driver again. So when you done with it then connect printer USB when the install wizard requested. It will work and take some time to complete. Even if you have not installed the driver then you will get the popup message that you have connected the USB of the printer with the Laptop, you it will automatically install the drivers on the laptop, so you do not need to install the drivers again. So you better go to the popup message and you will be install it. it will install and also download the required drivers from the internet. You do not have to do anything. When it is been done then make it is a default and restart the computer.

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    Re: Getting "Device Setup Has Failed to Complete" error for HP Photosmart 8450

    You have remove the HP software from the system and then install it again, it happen most of the time that the software is not properly installed due to which it show error.

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