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Thread: How to rotate corsair H80 pump

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    How to rotate corsair H80 pump

    Does the pump have to have the pipes coming out ?As the pipes hit the fan on the Dominator GT memory I have installed. Also the temperatures are not really an immense step up over the true 120 rev. Infact there is bit worse.

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    Re: How to rotate corsair H80 pump

    They can be rotated when fitted properly.

    Regarding fan speed alter with each setting, the settings offer a range of fan speeds, each one having a superior start and end point than the one below it. Each setting is not at steady pace; it is a range of speeds that varies with CPU temp. Since you are using a dissimilar fan instead of both of the Corsair fans, any contrast will be unacceptable. We also cannot take for granted that the behavior in the video is completely suitable between hardware platforms, BIOS settings, etc. The dissimilarity in fan speeds between each setting of the controller when the CPU is not under pressure, may not be sufficient to cause a big difference in fan speed, so it is not perceptible, for the most part when you are not using both Corsair fans.

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