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Thread: Getting HP ToolboxFX Error

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    Getting HP ToolboxFX Error

    I don’t know why this is happening to me. I just started my PC and suddenly I get HP ToolboxFX Error which says: HP Toolbox FX has encountered an error and cannot recover. Anyone have any idea why I get this error message or where I mistaken? Anyone have any solution for this?

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    Re: Getting HP ToolboxFX Error

    I had some problems with my drivers, or someone in Bangladesh has loaded bad PLC5 drivers (universal), the printer worked for a while, with the error message emerges on the computer ToolboxFX start-up, the printer stopped wholly. I called again, Kumar II, which has installed the accurate drivers (I think) PCL 6. I was so happy to have the printer print again I forgot to tell men to see if he can also set the function Toolbox FX. So I live with the error message. Pain is a person in India makes it difficult to understand, but if I can get someone to give me a solution to this error message, I'll have to deal with tech support once again.

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    Re: Getting HP ToolboxFX Error

    I finally got some response. I contacted HP support by phone and a surprise, I hold of a person located near Toronto, instead of India. After checking my system and then do some additional checks in his office, he informed me that the trouble arises while the printer is configured, to run wirelessly. HP ToolboxFX works without any trouble if the printer is linked through a USB cable to your computer, but if it is configured to work wirelessly, has an error and cannot look to communicate between the computer and printer.

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    Re: Getting HP ToolboxFX Error

    I have M2727 and 1415 and the fall of HP ToolboxFX at startup. I cracked to setup and update .Net Framework 1.1 which is in a few parts of HP, but no luck. The M2727 as well abruptly prevents the scan or not to make out any other twain devices on the computer, just to return to work later than reinstalling the driver. As HP ToolboxFX accidents are not able to utilize ScanTo on a few machines, while functioning with others, but often work ScanTo profiles disappear from the printer!

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    Re: Getting HP ToolboxFX Error

    Here I have some tips which may be helpful for you. So, for that just go to C:\ProgramData\Hewlett-Packard\ToolboxFX\Settings. After that, below this directory remove the files in Settings folder. After doing this restart pc and the printer. This can arise while the IP has modified or the printer had lost communication and been re-connected.

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