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Thread: Unable to boot Corsair Force 3 (v1.3) at AHCI

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    Unable to boot Corsair Force 3 (v1.3) at AHCI

    My motherboard is ASROCK SB750 Southbridge AOD790GX with (AMD).There is no method to boot from the SSD when the mode is set to AHCI.I cannot install Windows 7, the configuration at the commencement says it cannot be installed on that drive, and would not boot .

    When you change the IDE mode, everything works fine. I installed Windows 7 without any problems. But if I switch to AHCI again, the windows will not start. (No BSOD! Only a blinking cursor on a black screen for some time, then there is the message that there is a boot device can be found)

    I read about one user to another, which has the same trouble as me (who also has a Southbridge AMD SB710), nevertheless the SSD works (AHCI mode) until you have upgrade to firmware 1.3.So I believe there is a bug in the firmware 1.3

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    Re: Unable to boot Corsair Force 3 (v1.3) at AHCI

    Does the disk appear in the BIOS to AHCI mode activated after reboot?

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    Re: Unable to boot Corsair Force 3 (v1.3) at AHCI

    I have exactly the same problem.SB710 SATA / MSI 870-C45 Board, Force 3 60GB on 1.3.3.In AHCI mode start installing Windows 7 last long and when the point of partition during installation I am unable to install the SSD, which is plugged into port 1 and the unit only in the system.

    IDE mode works well. Switch to AHCI after ide install shabby in boot problems after using registry solution, etc. are stuck in black screen while starting and after a long time is asked there is no proper boot device .Search the Web for solutions a couple of hours now brought nothing.

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    Re: Unable to boot Corsair Force 3 (v1.3) at AHCI

    Tested with different AMD AHCI drivers during installation, etc. unchanged. Erase sure it is not possible according to protect BIOS settings mentioned HDDErase / Parted Magic, i found no way to resolve this in the BIOS / try the same with the old hard drive works well

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