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Thread: Need a HDD Backup System for Seagate FreeAgent Go

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    Need a HDD Backup System for Seagate FreeAgent Go

    I am looking for a good Seagate Backup System intended for Seagate FreeAgent Go. Does anyone know one? Currently I am using the Hard Drive is a Seagate FreeAgent Go 500GB. My HDD crashed on me and approximately each and every one of the files is unbroken except I can't look like to transfer it away and the drive itself keeps getting down itself. I suppose that it's actually spoiled someway in the interior for the reason that I heard it making strange sounds prior to this occurred. Please help me.

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    Re: Need a HDD Backup System for Seagate FreeAgent Go

    Can you tell me what actually happened while you attempt to move all your data? Have you seen any specific error or anything? Have you checked the drive in some other computer? If the HDD contain external power cord then try changing it and also the USB cable.

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    Re: Need a HDD Backup System for Seagate FreeAgent Go

    I bought backup solution from Seagate, because I had mistakenly assumed that the interface itself, the backup function is available and no software is installed on the computer. This is not the case. This adapter is only one type of dongle, which installed the software installed "Memeo Instant Backup" another vendor on the computer. If the software is installed only on the computer, it runs all the time in the background gives some system load and makes backups. But not all file types. You may only photos, movies, office documents, music files, system files etc. Outlook inbox, everything temporary files also could be only partially hailed is scorned and considered not only for backup consideration.

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    Re: Need a HDD Backup System for Seagate FreeAgent Go

    It doesn't work. The PC can't notice the HDD devoid of the unique cable for a few reasons. I utilized back the unique it managed to distinguish.

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    Re: Need a HDD Backup System for Seagate FreeAgent Go

    The software does just a backup that is constantly updated. I wonder what happens if I croaked a file on the computer and the software is immediately overwrites the version on the backup disk. If you want a backup, buy several versions of the backed up data maintains stock of course you Memeo Backup Premium. This may not be the bundled version that is. But that costs the same time twice. Given the fact that Seagate hard drives with the Goflex already sold a USB2 adapter, I do not understand why Seagate does not equal the whole thing as discount software solution offers hardware and spares us any additional scrap.

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