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Thread: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

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    Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    HI, I am about to buy a projector and want to know about some of the models, because when I was searching about the one which I have mentioned so I got some specification but still didn’t got the perfect idea whether the projector has 3D vision or not.

    And if not then please let me know some of the good models that I can have for myself, but the most important thing that I am expecting is the 3D vision, as after all that is the newest technology that everyone expect.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    I don’t think the model that you have mentioned in the question supports 3D vision, because when I was searching about the same and after going through its specification I came to know that the feature you are expecting is not there.

    Because see for getting such a technology you must have to have 1920x1080 resolution rather the one you have mentioned has 1600 x 1200 when we concern UXGA and HDTV. So sorry about the model rather you can choose any other for sure.

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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    I am agree with the above user as we must have to have at least the specified resolution but along with that the model must have to have HDMI 1.4 support and the one that you have mentioned has only 1.3 thus I am quite sure as the projector you have selected don’t have this feature for sure.

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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    according to me you can get a monitor from the LG and the best suitable model would be D2342P, you can simply make a search on internet and have a detailed specification of the product.

    In fact I am using the same monitor thus I would like to tell you about some feature about the product.

    Certified Flicker-Free: No more faintness, sickness or uneasiness.

    Crosstalk Free : While LG’s 3D technology allows our spectacles to get rid of iridescent images, Next invention 3D panel offers clearer, blur- free images. Enjoy a better viewing practice with no partly cover images, or faintness associated with conservative 3D technology.

    Battery-Free : LG's CINEMA 3D glasses weigh only 16 grams-almost and you don’t have to charge it even.

    Electron Waves Free :

    HDMI connectivity :

    Super energy saving and many more.

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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    but apart from the you can have another option as well such as to have Acer Aspire GD245HQ, my recommendation is to have this machine for better rather superior clarity.


    Display size: 60 cm that’s 23.6″ inch Wide, 16:9 Full HD, 521×293 mm
    Panel Technology: TN (Twisted Nematic)
    Resolution: 1920×1080 resolution @ 120Hz
    Brightness: 300 cd/m2
    Response time: 2 ms
    Colours: 16.7M (6 bit + HiFRC)
    Connections: Analog (D-sub), Digital (DVI-D), HDMI (Optional), interior Power Supply
    Power utilization: Energy Star On 38.2W, Off 0.85W, Stand by 1.85W

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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    according to me as far as monitors are concerned I would rather suggest that we should prefer the one which is actually compatible with other hardware we have installed in the machine, and the most important rather associated hardware is the GPU, and according to that you should choose any of the monitor.

    Thus assuming that you must be having NVIDIA GPU, I am listing some of the monitors that you can have which has 3D support as well.

    Acer GN245HQA

    Acer GN245HQ

    Acer HN274H

    Tongfang V3D245

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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    I am agree with the above user as you should first make sure whether your GPU supports this facility or not, and for that you can have option to visit the NVIDIA’s official website.

    Rather visit THIS website, here you’ll get the name of all those monitors that you can have.

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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    I would like to suggest you that before buying any monitor according to me you should try to go through the monitor buying guide first so that you can understand the significant factors about the products. And here you have gotten very few name rather from the guide you’ll get idea about almost too many monitors.

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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    I was also thinking of the same thing as to first have a glance on buying guide and then only move further.

    Anyways thanks for the suggestion guys.

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