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Thread: cleaning cooler master HAF 922 cabinet

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    cleaning cooler master HAF 922 cabinet

    Hi, I have recently purchased a newer machine hardly before 1 month and it was running perfectly, but right now I am having problem with the machine as it just sometimes causes different noise from the cabinet.

    So when I open the cabinet there too much dust which was actually not allowing the perfect airflow. The Cooler master HAF 922 however the only difficulty I have noticed is because of 2 120mm fans on the side panel that suck in air, unfortunately it doesn't move toward with dust filters on the side like the front does.

    So is there any idea how can I get it clean? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Re: cleaning cooler master HAF 922 cabinet

    there are too many Cleaning tools that you can make use for cleaning your cabinet such as,

    Cloth –
    Water or rubbing alcohol –
    Portable Vacuum –
    Cotton swabs –
    Foam swabs –

    This are the tools which is intended for cleaning purpose as you should not make use any other device as you may lose any other hardware as well in your machine.

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    Re: cleaning cooler master HAF 922 cabinet

    The plastic case or the aluminum case that houses the PC components can be spotless with a lint-free fabric that has been somewhat dampened with water. For stubborn stains, add a little household detergent to the cloth. It is suggested that you never exercise a solvent cleaner on plastics.

    Ensure all escape and air holes are mane and lint free by rubbing a cloth over the holes and vents. It is also obliging to get a vacuum approximately each of the hole, vents, and gap on the computer. It is secure to utilize a normal vacuum while cleaning the outside vents of a computer; though, if you require to sanitary the within of the computer, use a moveable battery powered vacuum to put off static electricity.

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    Re: cleaning cooler master HAF 922 cabinet

    I am agree with the above user but along with that it would be better if you clean all other pasts as well in the machine because after cleaning them as well you’ll not get any such noise from the cabinet for sure.

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    Re: cleaning cooler master HAF 922 cabinet

    there are too many websites that provides better information regarding cleaning each and every part of your computer and it would be better option to work under some expertise guidance.

    I used to do the same thing after each 10 to 15 days and it is necessary for sure. Or else you may get the same problem after some time for sure, and because of this cabinet temperature increased that will lead the machine to damage any hardware as well.

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