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Thread: Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

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    Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

    I like to read the books and also to search the documents in the libraries, and also I am a genealogist. The documents which I like to read or like to see they may be single sheets, photos, or even pages in books. So I like to know that is there is any portable scanner that will scan this all documents for my use? I like to use this portable scanner with my laptop to work in any of the environments. If you have any idea about this type of the scanner then let me know about that.

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    Re: Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

    Hey for that reason I use my cell phone, which is having 8 megapixels. In this case I will also suggest you to use your cell phone for that reason only if you are having the good camera quality. I think that if you are having the phone which is having the good camera quality then you can also take the help of that and I am sure that there will be no issue while scanning these all documents. And if you are not having the phone which don’t have the good camera quality then try to get the scanner for scanning such documents which you uses.

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    Re: Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

    In your case I will suggest you for the Brother DSmobile 600 Portable Scanner. I am suggesting you tis portable scanner because I am using this one. Brother DSmobile 600 Portable Scanner is a powerful, compact and lightweight 600-dpi color scanner, which weighs only 12 grams and is smaller than a box of spaghetti. The DSmobile 600 provides higher resolution and faster interface than its predecessor. It provides exceptional quality scanning and easy management of documents and photographs. Additional software includes also improve and simplify your scanning needs. This advanced technology sheet-feed scanner features a unique USB power / data interface, eliminating the need for a battery or external power adapter. The DSmobile 600 scanner offers everything you need to scan documents up card size to legal size documents. Anytime you can transmit documents printed page e-mail, fax or Internet. You can also scan directly to Adobe Acrobat (. Pdf), and scan and edit images or forms at any time.

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    Re: Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

    I am using the new Portronics Scanny Portable Scanner.
    Unlike the previous blue pen type, it was pretty tacky in terms of build quality, this is good, not only in terms of build quality but also in aesthetics. Now, we're not talking about a super-stylish 007 as a thing, but it looks professional and the overall finish is up to the mark. It sports a black matte finish and cover the battery compartment is silvery gray. In general, it is a beautiful piece of hardware. The Scanny, is slightly wider than the width of the magazine, thin and light enough to be transported in your laptop bag without adding to the load. In fact, it is clearer if you are without peer batteries.When AA package of features it is the simplicity that strikes us most. You have the option to scan in high and low resolution and to switch between the two, simply press the DPI. To change the color mode to black and white, Simply press the C / BW DPI button. This way you do not waste space on the memory card and save yourself the hassle of converting documents from black and white color on your PC. Speaking of PC, since this device uses external battery, you do not need a PC, while scanning documents or charge the device.

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    Re: Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

    I will suggest you for the HP Scanjet Professional 1000 Mobile Scanner Scan documents in place, whether in the office, in the field or in the street with our compact HP Scanjet 1000 mobile professionals. It allows you to easily organize contracts, forms, receipts and business cards on your PC instead of on your desk or in your briefcase.
    • Capture documents on the ground in the office, customer premises, even on the road
    • Carry and use almost anywhere, lightweight, portable and compact
    • Protect and store the scanner included in the transport-resistant case, which is made from recycled plastic bottles
    • put in place through its Hi-Speed USB 2.0 PC
    • Scan with the touch of a button, or scan directly from an application
    • Scan in different formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, Microsoft Word, save disk space with smaller file sizes
    • Archive files with Nuance PaperPort
    • Convert scans to editable files OmniPage1 Nuance
    • Analyze and organize business cards and embossed cards with NewSoft Presto! BizCard Reader1
    • Exploring a variety of paper sizes from business cards to forms long
    • Scanning at speeds up to 5 pages per minute
    • duplex scanning in a single pass at up to 8 images per minute, using the manual feed slot
    • Capture the details and fine print with a resolution of 600 dpi

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    Re: Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

    While the device works similarly as scanners, HP maintains that the device will be much better and easier to use due to new software, the sources said. With traditional scanners, users have to slowly and meticulously combed over the columns of text or images.

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    Re: Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

    Yes, thanks for giving me that important information about the portable scanner. Now I can easily choose the portable scanner which you have suggested me and I can take the help of them to scan the documents which I need to scan. Out of above scanner, I would like to buy the Brother DSmobile 600 Portable Scanner. I had decided for this one because it is very light Wight and also I can easily take this one to anywhere. I would like to see all the suggestion over here and after that I will decide which one to take for my use. And here I will like to say thanks for giving me the more information about the portable scanner.

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