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Thread: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

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    DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    I am utilizing Vista Ultimate. It has distinguished different information dvd's in the past, but now it doesn't. I don't think the situation is the physical disc mark. I have attempted numerous sorts. I have moreover reinstalled the driver. Is this a bug in the way the disc was copied? Any assistance could be valued.

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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    • Check the disk in a few alternate computers.
    • Clean the head with a head cleaner.
    • Check in the event that it will peruse different DVD's (a retail film could be fine)
    • Swap the drive

    the proposed are your choices. Preferable gives an account of the first three before you do #4.

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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    I have comparative setback, the drive works. I have played retail motion pictures just. Will attempt discs in alternate computers. I am pretty positive it is a compose slip bug in Vista, however this is simply a hunch.

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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    That Microsoft's supplied CD/DVD composing devices might be guileful. I'd not spend an instant but climb to different apparatuses like IMGBURN, CDBURNERXP (takes on Vista here) and what different titles you like. I'd additionally take a page from the past about drag to circle or "bundle composing" or "DVD similar to a floppy" product. The page on that tells us that is too problematic.

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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    I am having this same issue but now with 2 drives. They worked unequivocally fine running on XP, but now on my vista home prem. sp1 both drives see any copied cd/DVD's as clear but all creation DVD's (store acquired) run fine. I attempted all in my XP laptop and they are perused fine. I attempted offbeat drivers, moreover attempted new link.

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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    In the event that I make a DVD with that Nero and move and customize, that DVD would not be able to be coherent on a different XP computer without instituting Nero.

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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    I have a comparative situation and have been attempting to spot an explanation for countless months and all prescriptions have flopped to precipitate an improvement. At the same time my situation has a unusual. In the event that I utilize a charge arouse, I could probably catalogue the indexes on the disc, but any endeavor to gain entrance to the CD/DVD drive utilizing a GUI system (if Windows Explorer or a different third gathering project) and Vista would like to attempt and design or copy what it thinks is a spotless disc. I evacuated the CD/DVD drive and put it into a more seasoned Windows XP computer and it performed without situations. So this should be a Vista bug.

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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    In the event that you peruse this talk you see that we overlook Vista's local recording routines and utilize alternate product. As to the perusing situations that would be not irregular with more senior drives and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

    Then there are those that uphold it is a Vista bug. Be that as it may how could you get it altered? That is, we know how to revise this with brand new drives, the upper more level sifts CODE 39 issue, doubling stated CD/DVD and utilizing a CLOSED SINGLE SESSION. Those that delve in their heels and would like alternate alters could need to sit tight for a truly extended time.

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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    I have Nero CD-DVD Speed which is a utility that checks your DVD drive's display by running a sequence of tests on speed, and information entering. I was getting the same situation, I could put a finished disc in the drive and it could fill in just as it were a spotless disc, and could inquire to give it a name. I gave it a name to be sure, #$@*&%! Come about: following running it through the tester, windows vista was ready to distinguish discs again.

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