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Thread: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

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    Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    What are the options available for an high end workstation upgrade. We already cross the limit of amount here while setting up an high end system but choosing the most advance hardware. But in future if we need an upgrade what can be choices. I made this thread to share some of your custom builds. Thanks.

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    Re: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    Yes the budget always cross the limits for an high end system and it is really not right to tight your expenses when you plan to buy such system. I am posting an kind of system configuration which can put highlight both the upgrades and on the current configuration. I will surely look for an dealer which can give me buyback for my old hardware. Atleast there can be some kind of discount on the system which I am going to buy.
    • Graphic card : I had upgraded from Radeon 5550 1GB to 5570 1GB. The main motive to get this upgrade is for the eyefinity support. As you can easily find that older version does not support the eyefinity support.
    • Hard Disk : I increased my hard drive to 1TB. and configured an additional 500GB on Raid. So the capacity goes a bit higher. Raid was necessary for my data backup.
    • System CAse : Had changed the current case to NZXT Phantom PHAN-001BK.
    The only reason to buy this case was more support for hard drives. I can add more hard disk in future with additional fan controllers.
    The price high was round a $100 more on the current system, as I added more ram sticks. I have still some amount left with me, and looking for some more better additions.

    I did not prefer to go for an monitor upgrades. The current one 22inch is enough.

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    Re: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    Workstations are recommended for high end work. And upgrade is surely not cheaper here. So better you must go more wisely in choosing up hardware for your work station. Any blind deal can be costly.

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    Re: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    Workstations are more reliable machine than regular system. The reason is that, you can run them 24/7. A high end workstation is capable of handling more resource intensive programs that cannot be run on normal system. Mainly the upgrade and design for workstation is different. You cannot just go and directly purchase one. A workstation is made as per the best supportive hardware and configuration. It is being kept in mind that this machine is going to be used for professional work, so more effort is added. Workstations starts from low range to higher. You can stick to any brand to get the most suitable one for your. I have work station that can cost you between $500 to $1250 as you keep on additions.
    Config summary :
    • You can use around 12GB of ram on it. The ram bandwidth is much higher here. You can run triple channel ram stick on the same.
    • High storage space gives you higher performance. You can configure Raid setup on the same to increase the reliability of the data.
    • Just with the help of simple connector you can connect around 3 more monitors to an workstation. And that too an nice graphic output.
    • Much better cooling space and hardware support is provided on the cpu. The config is added as per need.
    • For performance you can for more high cost. Any high end workstation can give 50% the higher performance with the lower one.

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    Re: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    There are certain points which I also want to add for your workstation. You can just keep an eye while upgrading or purchasing :
    • First you most go for an energy efficient work station. Also you must go for low noise system. As it is going to work for longer hours so better get an 80Plus Gold psu. Industrail standards are must here.
    • SSD's are costly but they will give boost to your system startup.
    • Go for high end gpu. This is much more recommended.

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    Re: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    My Config recommendations for high end workstations :
    • Intel Core i7-950 3.06GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core
    • ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0
    • G.SKILL 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 1333MHz CAS 9 1.5v
    • Radeon HD 6870 1GB
    • Intel X25-M 2.5″ 160GB SSD
    • LG 10X Blu-ray Burner SATA
    • CyberPower 1350 VA 810 Watts 8 Outlets
    • Zalman CNPS10X Performa CPU Cooler

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    Re: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    Hp can give you proper support for the same. There are branded high workstations for your. You can choose as per your choice. Some of them are listed below :
    Z200 Series :
    • HP Z200 Small Form Factor Workstation - $ 633.00
    • HP Z210 Convertible Mini-tower Workstation - $ 640.00
    • HP Z210 Small Form Factor Workstation - $ 569.00

    Z400 Series :
    • HP Z400 Workstation (FM064UT) : $924.00
    • HP Z400 Workstation (FM106UT) : $1,859.00

    Z600 Series :
    • HP Z600 Workstation (VA784UT) : $1,499.00
    • HP Z600 Workstation (VA777UT) : $1,729.00
    • HP Z600 Workstation (FM049UT) : $1,969.00
    • HP Z600 Workstation (VA778UT) : $2,084.00
    • HP Z600 Workstation (FM101UT) : $2,589.00
    • HP Z600 Workstation (FM022UT) : $2,869.00
    • HP Z600 Workstation (VA779UT) : $2,799.00
    • HP Z600 Workstation (FM023UT) : $3,079.00
    • HP Z600 Workstation (FM102UT) : $5,099.00

    Z800 Series :
    • HP Z800 Workstation (VA785UT) : $1,813.00
    • HP Z800 Workstation (VA782UT) : $2,195.00
    • HP Z800 Workstation (FM103UT) : $2,509.00
    • HP Z800 Workstation (VA780UT) : $2,719.00
    • HP Z800 Workstation (FM104UT) : $3,249.00
    • HP Z800 Workstation (VA783UT) : $3,699.00
    • HP Z800 Workstation (VA781UT) : $4,199.00
    • HP Z800 Workstation (FM079UT) : $4,599.00

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    Re: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    For local system upgrades are limited which causes issues. But in workstation this is not an problem. The best example I can give is about the ram upgrade. some of the high end workstations even support 24Gb ram. That is more than enough. You can run many application with ease on that. The best support is for servers. There are specially design processor provided for such high end system with many additional features. The best example is Inte Core i7 980x. It can give you around 50% hike in the performance and in the same wya there is an lower version Intel Core i7 950. But this depends on your choice what you want to buy and what you don't. You can run multiple applications on one time with data backup and virtualization support. Just do not stick with ram and cpu, go for an high end gpu support. That is much more recommended.

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