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Thread: Which is the Best IR station

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    Which is the Best IR station

    For my Service Station to repair Mobile phone i want to buy an IR station; I have visited most of the sites but not find the Best reply from all the sites. I also asked the expert but they also say the same thing. I am just confused between IR Station since all have the same feature so; please provide the better way to get the best IR Station among them.

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    Re: Which is the Best IR station

    The Jovy Systems RE-7500 is the best I think so, the feature for this is that it’s engineered to be lead free compatible. It is very flexible for the components like SMD, BGA CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA, µBGA. It is suitable for PTH Sockets, Connectors, and even metal shields. The fully process is also achieved such as pre-heating, soak, re-flow and cooling stage, for correct and standard alternative process. There is no damage to the component. There also the thermal sensor which used to instant temperature reading and monitoring. standard cooling stage process it has the manual cooling system.

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    Re: Which is the Best IR station

    I have used Hier T860 IRDA unit in order to repair mobile phones at the inferior end there is small use of it. approximately every ordinary reworks can be complete with a good hot air and expert re-balling kit is sufficient reworking of OMAP can be done by means of hot air Using IR is good but it required some amount of time. Aoyue is one better product. Brands like jovy appear to the top 1 in this group. So according to my oppinun you should go for jovy.

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