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Thread: Can't Access Files on Old Hard Drive

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    Can't Access Files on Old Hard Drive

    My old laptop broke a while back and the hard drive was somewhat intact but just wouldn't boot. I now have a new desktop and bought a 2.5 IDE Hard Drive Enclosure so I could get all my info. However my old laptop user account was password protected, so now when I try to get into the folder it says "(Folder Path) is not accessible. Access Denied". I've looked around and found other people with the same problem, however theirs was solved by disabling simple file sharing and then taking ownership of the folder. I unfortunately cannot do this (to my knowledge) because I'm on XP Home Edition and even though it says you can reboot into safe mode and access it from there that didn't work for me either.

    So I'm here asking for help. If anyone knows of a fix for this that would be great because I'm out of ideas and google is yielding few results. I have a LOT of music and crap on it and it would be awesome to get it back.

    In case there aren't any ways you guys know of to fix this, I have one last idea. I have a reinstallation disc of XP Professional Service Pack 2. I was wondering if it would be possible to take that and replace my XP Home with it because then I could disable simple file sharing and thus take possession of the folder and solve my problem.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Here is the article I looked at in case you're interested.

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    Re: Can't Access Files on Old Hard Drive

    Well, if you want to replace XP Home with XP Pro then you will have to go for a reinstallation of the Operating System. And if the data's are kept in the same system drive then you will lose it. If it is possible to move it to other drive then you can surely go for this solution, but what I wonder is why cant you use the safe mode solutions of on xp home setup? Are you the admin of your laptop with full rights?

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