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Thread: Can I clone my SSD?

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    Can I clone my SSD?

    I am replacing my WD raptor with a SSD also got Actonis true image with cloning feature within it is it possible that I can set up SSD on one port and the clone my raptor on it or I have to install win7 from the start . I am thinking of doing this but want to avoid an updates and app installs which include in the latest install currently my boot device has about 50GB however I am planning to reduce the size before I do all the .can anyone assist me on this problem I would be glad . Take care

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    Re: Can I clone my SSD?

    That has a simple solution but actually its depend on how you initially install raptor. If you install it on AHCL or RAID mode then it’s on you can clone but if it’s in IDE mode the you have to do some modification so that you can convert it on AHCL or RAID mode to take advantage of SSD feature . by the way you need to create a restoration point for your OS this would work as buck up and if something happen you can go back to original point when your OS was working perfect

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    Re: Can I clone my SSD?

    Cloning is not the best option cause aren’t forgetting the concept of sector alignment you should avoid cloning. I know that cloning software that support alignment do exit but there are people says its doesn’t work. I myself use Acronis that actually support it but when I used alignment check utility it was off align so it was total waste for me I then did the fresh install then the performance increase incredibly so if your jumping to SSD then just do the fresh install.

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    Re: Can I clone my SSD?

    I had the same research on can alignment could be correctly done during cloning and came across the same replies the software supposed to support alignment but does not work correctly also came across some user who actually stated its work fine with them .if you need to backup you OS and clone new drive I think it would take considerable amount of time while if you do the fresh install you will only lose ten minute of your time and one hour your PC down time .so I would rather stick to fresh install

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