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Thread: Want to know DVD/VCR recorder are good or not?

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    Want to know DVD/VCR recorder are good or not?

    Hey friends, I have the huge collection of the old VCR tapes at my home. These taps contain the old movies and the songs, majority are of songs. But now I had decided to record these videos and songs to the DVD disc, so I need a VCR/DVD recorder. I any one suggest me about the DVD/VCR recorder, is they are good? Or in the future they will cause any problem to not work properly. I had decided to convert those tapes to the downloadable media. Please help me to know about DVD/VCR recorder.

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    Re: Want to know DVD/VCR recorder are good or not?

    I would like to suggest you about the AKAI DVD/VCR, I am also using the same machine for the recording the VCR tapes to the DVD disc. You can also record the satellite recordings like the other recorder. The recording capability of this recorder is as
    • The DVD made by this recorder, you can use in any other DVD player in the world, even in the PAL DVD player also.
    • This recorder makes the DVD only in the DVD+R and DVD+RW disc.
    • DVD recorded by this recorder can be played in any PAL or NTSC TV in the whole world.

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    Re: Want to know DVD/VCR recorder are good or not?

    I am using Panasonic DMR-ES30V from the last 6 months. It provides very good features and the DVD disc made by this recorder is play in any other DVD player in the world. It also supports the PAL DVD player. The primary function of this tare is to dub the VCR contain to the DVD contain. And also it will not let you to dub the right protected media to the DVD disc. The few feature of the Panasonic DMR-ES30V is that it supports any DVD+RW writable disc. With the help of the DVD+ROM program you can play the files which you are currently writing. I will suggest you to use the Panasonic DMR-ES30V for the recording your VCR to DVD disc.

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    Re: Want to know DVD/VCR recorder are good or not?

    At my home I am using computer with the TV card, which helps me to do this type of recording. I had connected a scart to free view digi box to my TV card. When I want to record the VCR to the DVD disc then I make use of my TV card. Using the scart, I make a comp connection, then I start playing the files on my hard drive using the comp connection to my computer. I then put the all files to the hard drive on my computer then I start converting these files to the DVD files and burn it. I am able to connect the almost all the things to my comp connection.

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    Re: Want to know DVD/VCR recorder are good or not?

    I will recommend you to use the Toshiba D-VR40, which is multi zone DVD/VCR recorder. I am using the Toshiba D-VR40 from the last 3 month, it is very comfortable to record the VCR/DVD. Using the Toshiba D-VR40 you can watch the TV during the recording time simultaneously. It is also able to record the 8 hours of TV. It also record pal to pal. It will be easy for you to understand the functioning of the Toshiba D-VR40 and its recorded DVD can be played in any PAL DVD player also.

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