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Thread: How to get cable clutter under the control?

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    How to get cable clutter under the control?

    As the title discussing over here what I wanted to know about. We never use nylon Zip ties on the bundle of the Cat-5. This particular cable is designed for the specific kind of the electrical characteristics which can be altered in the situation when cable is compressed. Also you might need to add , pull or replace when you are doing zip with ties of the process. Let me know if you are having any tips on this particular matter. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: How to get cable clutter under the control?

    I am not worried about the rules at all. According to me it would be quite impractical when you are supposed to develop the custom cables. Personally I am using the monoprice and having the drop ship to the customer. Another alternative which you can have is velcro cable ties. It come up with a reel with the hook on the one side and simply loops on the other matter. You will be able to use and reuse to bundle of the any diameter of the cable since you will be able to cut the same in the length. It also loads the distributed clamping load over the width of the ties that of the sharp point at the middle.

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    Re: How to get cable clutter under the control?

    I recommend that you should label the cable which you wanted to replace. I am using the standard cable of the suitable length. You should not looping down the cable instead it can be easily fit into the sever cable management arms. I think it would be quite cheaper and faster solution for the requirement of yours. standard cables are coming with the extension of the 50 CM and it would let you great flexibility.

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    Re: How to get cable clutter under the control?

    The most important thing which I wanted to discuss over here that you should have the written policy and stick with it. if you are having 4 people who are working on the 4 different thing then at the end of the day you will mess completely. Well we are having policy which state us what we should do if there is lots of mess at the time of working. If anyone is having different idea then they have to remove the cable and start with working again on the system.

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    Re: How to get cable clutter under the control?

    I am unable to figure out why are you so bothered about the cutting and replacing and zipping ties the cable. Instead you can have a new cable without wasting so much time and efforts to do the above mentioned stuff. Even you can use single fiber optic cable to make the thing working for you. Another simple way is to implement the ad hoc cable management for the single point. I don’t think so there would be no issue if you reallocate the cable on the system of yours.

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    Re: How to get cable clutter under the control?

    The color coding might be quite expensive and it would be quite administrative for the keeping the stock levels. It would be quite helpful for the troubleshooting the issue. Well it would make great sense to make the thing working. We are using the blue for the general sue the data and you can use the yellow cable for intra server. Red color cable is used for the mission critical and grey for the VoIP. Rest of the identification of the cable can be done with the labels. So you can use the instruction which I have mentioned over here.

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