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Thread: How to fix clicking sound from PSU.

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    How to fix clicking sound from PSU.

    I have a trouble with my CPU making a buzzing or clicking sound. I am 99% positive it's the PSU. When the trouble first happening, it would press for about two minutes when I first turned my Personal computer on and ultimately stop. Then I cleaned out my Personal Computer (I have to admit I smoke close to my Personal Computer and do not take good care of them. That’s why it was dreadful) and the clicking blocked for a few days. Then earlier today it started clicking while I was in the center of playing a game. Then this is very irritating. So I want to know, how can I fix it?

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    Re: How to fix clicking sound from PSU.

    The only one thing I can consider of that can press in a PSU is the fan if there is something trapped in it. If that is the case, just blow some condensed air in it to clean it out and ensure that there are no cables getting caught in it from the inside of the computer. Generally when pressing starts though it is the hard drive which means that it might be on it is way out and is time to start backing things up. The best way to tell where it is coming from is to take the side of the case off and listen for where it comes from when it starts. It is secure to leave the side off long sufficient for you to do that.

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    Re: How to fix clicking sound from PSU.

    Well, it could be arcing, before you get rid of it though test all the connections, then after you will delete them and change them all if you have not done that before, if not then new PSU, I doubt it may still be under warranty though, worth asking them if they will change it. I did not take anything with it luckily, but their RMA service was very good. So I want to suggest you that you can also use the RMA service. This is very best and suitable way. And also I want to suggest you if you about hardware then you will go to the service center.

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    Re: How to fix clicking sound from PSU.

    Never been inside one of those PSU's. It is almost the fan problem, I would take of the casing, fix some rubber pieces between the fan of the PSU and case side then close tie the wires a few more. You should not find a surprise as long as you do not go pushing around at the other parts. I have made plenty of checking psu’s or clear case atmosphere without a surprise. If I had to put the noise down to something particular I would say it was a wire touching the fan. But I do not know how wire tidy a HP 425w is.

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    Re: How to fix clicking sound from PSU.

    i think you should search on the google. But I want to suggest that you can check your laptop peripheral devices. But if you are permanently delete the audio driver into the control panel. Then after you will install the again driver. Because my neighbor had same problem. Then I had done these steps. And I saw the buzzing sound is stopped. At least you should do these steps once. After this if your problem still exists then you will have to at the service center.

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