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Thread: Pen drive detection failure with PC

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    Pen drive detection failure with PC

    I have a pen drive and when I insert it into the USB port my computer is unable to detect it. I tried several times but still the problem exists. Is my pen drive creating the problem or there is fault in the USB port? I have some important data in my pen drive and I want to access them as soon as possible. Do you think the problem will be solved and is there any way to get my data back without formatting the pen drive?

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    Re: Pen drive detection failure with PC

    Well, I can’t say whether your pen drive is defective or there is problem with the USB port. Also try to insert pen drive in all the ports and see whether your PC is able to detect it. If not then plug the device first, go to device manager, in run type "devmgmt.msc", in device manager go to universal source bus controllers. This will list you various storage devices that you have connected to your PC. Right click on it and uninstall it. After all remove the USB drive and restart your system. After you complete the above steps, try connecting the device again.

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    Re: Pen drive detection failure with PC

    If you are using Windows xp, than perform steps: go to the control panel, double click on the system icon, choose the hardware tab and click on the device manager. In device manager you will see USB hub controller, right click on it, open it and go to USB root hub, again right click on it and go to properties than go to device and click OK. Perform these steps 4-5 times. I hope it may work.

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    Re: Pen drive detection failure with PC

    Problems related to the pen drive are very common. When you insert your pen drive, it gets detected but it doesn’t show up as a drive icon in My Computer. This problem occurs mainly on Windows xp OS when it fails to allocate a drive letter to your portable drive i.e. pen drive. This problem mainly arises when new pen drives are attached to your computer for the first time. Thus may not be the pen drives problem but rather it may be cause of your Windows. There is a solution for such problem. Just follow some steps: Click on start menu, click on run, type compmgmt.msc, and click on OK. Than in the console tree, click on disk management. A Disk Management window will appear. On this window, you can see some drives including portable drives. Right click on the portable drive and click change drive letter and paths. Now assign a new drive letter which is not being used by any of your drives in My Computer. After assigning the new drive letter your portable drive will be visible and will show up in my computer with other drives.

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    Re: Pen drive detection failure with PC

    Pen drives are basically appears to be in two formats i.e. NTFS or FAT. You must always try to keep or maintain the same format as that of your operating system. If still nothing seems to be working, than go to my computer, right click on it, go to disk management, select your pen drive and right click to go into your explorer mode. This is how your windows means and your problem is solved.

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    Re: Pen drive detection failure with PC

    There are chances of pen drive getting damaged. This is because faulty computer’s USB port. Old or new pen drive won’t matter because a faulty port can supply over-voltage to the pen drive and the pen drive might have burned-out the internal circuit. You can still check it by bringing your friends pen drive. If your pen drive is really burned-out the internal circuit, you can get new pen drive if it is in warranty .

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