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Thread: Is it Vega's SLI Scaling

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    Is it Vega's SLI Scaling

    I have purchased a new game. It really very awesome game. I read it configuration but I am facing some problem for its installation tell me is it possible Without VRAM limitations (3GB GPUs) and full 16x PCI-E bandwidth presented to all cards, there was not a single occasion that Quad-SLI did not garner an considerable performance advantage over Tri-SLI. In a number of instances, the performance gain transitioning from Tri-SLI to Quad-SLI was actually greater than the transition from SLI to Tri-SLI.
    All games saw eventually a show raise going from SLI to Tri-SLI

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    Re: Is it Vega's SLI Scaling

    In my point of view the main reason why people say games do not scale in good manner in quad-SLI because of the more GPU's you have the minor % of the extra performance you get. Still by going with two cards I would suppose a 50fps to to 95-97 and not more than 80. According to me that is scaling "well" therefore when people see 50 to 110 fps with quad .They say it does not scale well since they are expecting 95fps in SLI, and 150fps in tri and almost certainly 200fps in quad.

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    Re: Is it Vega's SLI Scaling

    Well, I have considered the problem and analysis it. Then I completed up the CPU speed variation benchmarking. I was going to create a bar graph but it would not be very attractive. And then after I tested all of the similar benchmarks but this time with the 990x @ 4.0 GHz and it @ 5.2 GHz. 4.83 GHz being the baseline. On normal, reducing down to 4.0 GHz lowered FPS by 10-12%. Ever-increasing the CPU to 5.2 GHz had a negligible impact, averaging a 1-2% gain. Now again one game, F1 2010 I did not think about what the CPU was set at and pulled the same numbers. Considering I can run 4.83 GHz full IBT steady at a quite comfortable 1.45vcore, I think it would be attractive instance to raise vcore to 1.56 just to get a 1-2% FPS amplify. 4.83 GHz ,990x @ 1.50vcore and 1020Mhz core GTX580s @ 1.20v appear to be a attractive fair enough 24/7 high performance setup.

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    Re: Is it Vega's SLI Scaling

    Guys, I have no reason means, the motive you do not see remarkable scaling after two cards and then is that the CPU restrictions you hardly, mainly with NVIDIA. I had tested particular GTX590 on its default frequency. And it scaled still at 5300 MHz Sandy Bridge, which is well-organized clock-per-clock than Gulf town. With the help of 4-way GTX580 you will have to a hypothetical 6500-7000MHz CPU for the cards to scale well.
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    Re: Is it Vega's SLI Scaling

    Hey I am using same game but I see in this game my frame rate speed in this game tops away at a massive 15fps. I have tried the above methods to raise its performance but there is no mean. I have been running the game in 1280x1024 on my pc and then after my screen's native resolution with the graphics settings reasonably high, mean change the resolution and with the settings on low I get a 5-10 fps enhance. And please keep in your mind this is while looking straight at the ground. I should be getting more fps than this.
    My computer configration are:
    • AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
    • 1 GB Corsair Dual-Channel DDR2 - cant remember speed
    • 2x GeForce 7600GS in SLi
    • Windows XP SP2 (with dual-core hot fix and amd dual-core optimizer)

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    Re: Is it Vega's SLI Scaling

    I have done some processes just rename R6vegas_game.exe to UTGame.exe for best scaling results. And also for the fragment Cell and then Double Agent and then after Rename .exe to Gothic2.exe. Now again in Armed Assault also Rename .exe to Gothic2.exe. And please keep in you mind these profiles will be updated in when future driver releases. I tried the above all procedure but the game would not start using UTGame.exe Which is made my personal game profile and place multi-GPU presentation mode to AFR2 for my 7950GX2 Appears to be working very well for me . please help me.

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