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Thread: Disk Data Transfer Rate, 5.9 on an SSD

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    Disk Data Transfer Rate, 5.9 on an SSD

    I doubt if there is somewhat wrong with my Windows 7 ratings. My SSD is just rightly working order and everything is shining fast, but for some reason it only gets a score of 5.9. I am using the Intel SSD X25-V. I advertised speed in all areas of reference time, so I do not know what is pulling on my own. Others are greater than ever ratings with the drive itself, and the unit itself is working completely and I am doing the correct speed, so maybe it has something to do with the configuration of W7?

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    Re: Disk Data Transfer Rate, 5.9 on an SSD

    A lot of people are screening the similar outcome, even with SSD. I have a Raptor V. and I am getting a 5.9, but it is much fast enough for my use, so if you are getting good situation points, I would not worry about it. Basically, you have to do with I / O and such sequences, particularly in the first production of SSD. If you want to try and increase your score you can disable / caching / improve the routing of the unit and see what it does?

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    Re: Disk Data Transfer Rate, 5.9 on an SSD

    You have the budget, "Value" SSD horrible right speeds the test evaluates the unity of all non-read speed, write speed, size, etc. You type and size is so they have a low score. You must have purchased the 80G if you’re worried about your wei score. I think others see you score higher than 80 m unit in the series. I consider I have an explanation for the low WEI rating on some SSD's.

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    Re: Disk Data Transfer Rate, 5.9 on an SSD

    My Intel x25-v was only getting 5.9, the lowest score in my Windows7system WEI.
    I did all the normal things, i.e., update the drive firmware, inspection AHCI in the BIOS and just check whether the AHCI driver is installed in the device manager, using HDDerase, clean install all hopeless.
    Well, I was analysis about 100mb partition created by installing Windows 7 and thought it might be the difficulty, so:
    * HDDerase used to clean the unit
    * Use Vista installation disk to create a single partition the full high-definition in the SSD during installation
    * Stop installing Vista
    * Installed in Win7 single partition previously created
    * He ran the WEI test
    * You SSD 7.3 for

    I do not know if the drive is now faster, or if Win7 rates correctly due to the single partition.

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