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Thread: Wired mouse vs Wireless mouse

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    Wired mouse vs Wireless mouse

    Hi, I did a bit of search on the forum to see if there is any thread specifically related to this, but couldn't find anything. I am a newbie and I would like to know which mouse is better for gaming (especially Counter Strike). I am very much confused whether the wired mouse is better or the wireless one. It’s easy to build a computer, but building a gaming computer takes lots of research. It would be of great help if you suggest me which one should I go for.

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    Re: Wired mouse vs Wireless mouse

    I would go for wireless anytime. Just get rid of those wires. I personally use Logitech Wireless mouse M505. It is not about us able to use a wireless mouse far away from our computer but it is about wireless freedom. By using a wireless mouse, we are not limited to a limited length of our cable wire. The wireless mouse has improved a lot in recent years. I don’t feel any problem while playing games with the wireless mouse. Those entangled cables wire all around my table desk tend to piss me off sometimes. The wireless mouse is the best for gaming. It gives us a lot of freedom from those wired cables.

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    Re: Wired mouse vs Wireless mouse

    To be honest the wireless mouse has a lot of disadvantage over its good points. We always have to keep the mouse powered up, which means we have to keep changing the batteries whenever they get drained. This will surely add up more amount of money in your budget for the long run. The wireless mouse is vulnerable to the wireless interference. The wireless mouse also lags sometimes while playing games. Wireless mouse are heavier and more expensive as the cost of batteries (till you use your wireless mouse) adds up to the cost at the time of purchase. It is annoying sometimes when the wireless mouse suddenly loses reception. Or batteries die.

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    Re: Wired mouse vs Wireless mouse

    I prefer using the wired mouse. They are lighter in weight, cheaper and provide you more reliability. Unlike a wireless mouse, a wired mouse will almost always work until it is having some hardware failure. While using wired mouse we don’t have to worry about any wireless signals conflictions as in the case of wireless mouse. You just have to plug the mouse in and it starts working. Also no batteries are required to operate like in the case of wireless mouse. Also sometimes people tend to forget where they have kept their wireless mouse, whereas with wired mouse there is no such problem.

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    Re: Wired mouse vs Wireless mouse

    Although wired mouse have extended Life expectancy and faster response time, but it have some shortcomings. It limits the user to the length of the USB cable. We can’t go beyond that and if it is too small then we have to move everything around just to properly reach and utilize the mouse. Sometimes the mouse cable can get tangled up and create more troubles for the gamers while playing the game. Although mouse selection is totally on the users preference; which mouse he/she feels comfortable with.

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