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Thread: Logitech Gaming Software 7.00.291 forces to restart

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    Logitech Gaming Software 7.00.291 forces to restart

    I have bought a new Logitech G510 keyboard and G500 mouse for which I have installed the Logitech Gaming Software 7.00.291 which I used most of the time while gaming on this machine. But the problem is whenever my computer goes to sleep mode, Coming back from the sleep mode does not show my mouse or keyboard. I have to reboot my machine, As nothing works without rebooting my machine. Please help! I am running a Windows 7 on this machine.

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    Re: Logitech Gaming Software 7.00.291 forces to restart

    I have seen the similar problem on my machine when I was having same series of keyboard. This is a PS2 keyboard, all that is most common. I tried another keyboard on this computer (but the reverse I have not yet done) and the problem remains. The most disconcerting is that the PC recognizes it at boot. PS: I wrote this response with the keyboard, my keyboard was locked.

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    Re: Logitech Gaming Software 7.00.291 forces to restart

    I want to tell you that I repaired windows I did not reinstall! In addition, the keyboard is recognized by the repair! But the repair begins (well it continues because I'm at the stage of installation peripherals) no longer the keyboard responds! Yet the main focus is on worm number but still I was trying to click sr number but no action that passes (no deactivation of the light). So the question is: Is that during the installation of peripheral he recognizes no I say good because I have no keyboard three including one USB port!)?

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    Re: Logitech Gaming Software 7.00.291 forces to restart

    After second known bought the same model and i have raved how great the thing is, i did it myself risen - big mistake! But with need for speed and colin mcrae rally must i determine that the keyboard more than 3 buttons at the same time closes down. Of the occasional key hangers in office red i do not even after installing the current and previous chipset drivers, the same procedure on the logitech software (the current version was so net times the mouse mx400), and ps / 2 and usb connection i have to test with 200 pulse find that no improvement occurred. The same "more-than-3-button cushion," was allowed (all different systems) i also find both known, which could hardly be of a particular case or the speech defect, probably a production error!

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