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Thread: PSU is burned without any reason

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    PSU is burned without any reason

    This morning I was surprised to see the PSU of mine to get burned. I really do not know what may be the case for this. I saw smoke rising everywhere and to so just open the case and then separates the power supply all of the other parties. I went and bought the new power supply and when I tried to connect that then I can see all the fans on the processor, graphics card and extra fans spin, but I cannot really see the videos that comes there. What could be the problem for this? I also noticed that the beep that used to get after the start system is missing here. Please let me know what I can do here, so I can be out of the issue. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: PSU is burned without any reason

    It seems that the video card that you are having must have been killed and therefore are not able to view the video on the system. If desired, you can try to enter the VGA cable that is connected to the video card VGA port on the motherboard and see if that can help a bit there, in your case. Try to make this change and left me there to learn about it here. If you are lucky enough, then I am sure the video and sound will come back here in the system and if you cannot see the video to come here then you have seen throughout the system to update and see if you can the budget for that. That is really what can be done.

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    Re: PSU is burned without any reason

    I am of the opinion that the graphics card and motherboard both fry and if you want to get rid of the trouble then will be very good if you can have the replacement done and if under warranty then I think maybe covered under this. See, for that and if they are not covered by the warranty, then you have to get new components. There is really nothing we can suggest after looking at this case.

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    Re: PSU is burned without any reason

    You mentioned that the system is rebooted here, so I think there are some possibilities that can come here. You can try the following things and see if that can help a bit there. Pull out cable DVI video card and plug the onboard video. Perform this and let me make out if you were equipped to obtain this working properly. And if you desire to go additional with it then you will have to uninstall all components that are connected in the system and then on install the components one by one in the system. You can refer to the manuals should have to buy parts there. After doing this see if you can get the video running there? Please do not connect the graphics card.

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    Re: PSU is burned without any reason

    As this case let me say that if yours is in the components of the damage and let me tell you cannot get the warranty in this case. Well, if it is the company's system then there might be no chance that you are able to obtain the parts changed but as you have written that had replaced power supply but did not functions. So I believe you require knowing to uncover the new graphics card as well as motherboard. In the case of assembled computer warranty is dispersed and if you provide it a attempt then you can endeavor once, if you're fortunate you may obtain the part replaced but actually to talk about the possibilities are extremely low. Please tell me that what u do exactly.

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    Re: PSU is burned without any reason

    I was also stuck with similar problem and I was not under the order here. So I was thinking of going for the upgradation. So I went for it. I even spoke of the same with the shopkeeper and said he will do the discount for me if I do the address change. So I was happy about it. Please see if you can find something like that and acquire it replaced. Also on the similar note let me inform you that if you have associated the power supply that will then be improved if you can take out the system otherwise it will harm the components there.

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