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Thread: Magic mouse vs. magic trackpad

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    Magic mouse vs. magic trackpad

    I would like to know which do you like better at what time working on a Mac pro? A magic mouse or else a magic trackpad. Anybody have any experience running with both? I have not up till now attempted either on my Mac pro (still making use of mighty mouse) but at what time working on my Macbook pro's track pad I got to state, I am bearing in mind going the magic track pad way? Anybody have any input to suggest?

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    Re: Magic mouse vs. magic trackpad

    I purchase the Magic Mouse at what time it came out moreover I loved it as well as it is a incredible mouse. On the other hand, I purchase the Magic Trackpad at what time it came out plus my Magic Mouse sitting on the ledge without batteries in it while the trackpad arrived. It did acquire a few days for me to discontinue reaching for the mouse as well as to get used to the a variety of multi-touch gesture. I am not stating that it is the ideal solution for everybody for the reason that you eventually require to make a decision that for yourself however it is a amazing peripheral moreover absolutely be able to be a complete mouse replacement.

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    Re: Magic mouse vs. magic trackpad

    I make use of both. I got the magic mouse at what time it came out, as a result I could make use of my macbook while it was sitting on a position at eye level, and however I for all time found myself getting for the trackpad anyhow. Now by means of the magic trackpad as well as the magic mouse, I can happily have my macbook pro on a stand by means of an external monitor and perform all of the gestures which I used to. On the other hand, if you are not a macbook user, plus have not at all used a trackpad, you will most likely not miss what you have in no way had, and I will state that the magic mouse would possibly be sufficient.

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    Re: Magic mouse vs. magic trackpad

    I make use of the Magic Trackpad in excess of the Magic Mouse. For each day web browsing as well as other stuff, I discover the Magic Trackpad much more comfortable for the reason that it is motionless on the desk. The Magic Trackpad is simpler on your shoulder as well as elbow if you make use of your PC for a extended period. Clearly the Magic Trackpad is of no use for gaming as a result if you can just get one of the two furthermore if you are a gamer, obtain the Magic Mouse.

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    Re: Magic mouse vs. magic trackpad

    I have got both on mine at the moment, got the trackpad first with the intention of making use fo using that solely, after that the Magic Mouse arrived by means of the new machine and I am in reality quite fond of it. Both are huge, the just downside to trackpad is there is a "pause" all through gestures at the same time as it is attempting to figure out when you are scrolling, grabbing, dragging and so on which is pretty irritating. Great for automation though.

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