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Thread: ASUS M4A87TD DRAM LED light Flashing

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    ASUS M4A87TD DRAM LED light Flashing

    I just build my first PC, start the DRAM red LED was on, so I changed my two bars of black slots into the blue slots. Now, the DRAM LED flashes! But I did not rely on memory switch. Both times I could not turn off my pc from the front because the button does not respond. Is it connected (to turn it work)? What does it mean, what do I do? I do not have a VGA signal and I do not beep at startup either does it come from the CPU? I await your advice, thank you in advance.

    CM: ASUS M4A87TD
    RAM: G-SKILL 2x4GB DDR3-1066 Ripjaws

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    Re: ASUS M4A87TD DRAM LED light Flashing

    You have not mentioned how Many USB devices are connected, or whether any of them are high power devices. That note Some motherboards now run all the USB devices From The +5 VSB rail Which Is not very bright. (At one time, There Was A On The header motherboard, That selected 5 V or +5 VSB for That task. To save money, The Have Been headers removed.) If you plug in a USB "Coffee warmer" That Might Be Enough to overload it.

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    Re: ASUS M4A87TD DRAM LED light Flashing

    The green LED is Connected to +5 VSB. The Light Should Be steady. If The load on +5 VSB Is Too much, the green LED could "go off, Until The overload IS removed. Occasionally, There Is a functional problem With The power supply Itself, And The flashing green is Not A Problem With The loading at all. So it Could Be a bad power supply. Simply try to change your power supply and get the problem fixed.

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    Re: ASUS M4A87TD DRAM LED light Flashing

    As far as i know The green LED On The motherboard, is Connected Directly to +5 VSB. There Should Not Be Any logic devices In The way. If The LED flashes, That means specified power supply turning on and off randomly, Which Is Why That Is A green LED very good indicator of how well The power supply IS doing. The LED should " never flash, and we should "Be steady and solid. This is a clear case of power supply failure and hence your problem is fixed.

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    Re: ASUS M4A87TD DRAM LED light Flashing

    I doubt that I use usb devices many more than an average person. typically they consist of my printer (which I only turn on when I need it), my keyboard, and a logitech gamepad. Every so often i'll plug in another device. when I opened up my pc to reset the main power connector, I had everything disconnected from the computer, including all the usb devices. As long as at least the power cable in the back was connected to electrical outlet year and nothing else was connected, you could see the blinking led on the motherboard.

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