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Thread: Corsair CX 600W is it worth purchasing

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    Corsair CX 600W is it worth purchasing

    Is it worth purchasing the Corsair CX 600W power supply. Yesterday my power supply fried don't know why. So i will be purchasing a new power supply please tell me whether the corsair power supply is worth purchasing. What other option do i have i mean to say what other power supplies do i have please tell me which power supply will be serve me best.

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    Re: Corsair CX 600W is it worth purchasing

    With 600 Watt power supply is suitable for various applications. This is not to split Corsair 12-volt lines, but on one single-rail, which is sized for very strong - in this case, with 40 amperes and 480 watts of power. For the motherboard there is a 20 +4 pin and a 4 +4 pin connector available for the graphics card has two 6-pin PCIe. Disk and Co. has the power supply has six SATA, five 4-pin Molex and one floppy connector. All cables are comparable in length, so that the hardware will be housed in large enclosures.

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    Re: Corsair CX 600W is it worth purchasing

    The CX series power supply is the entry-level series from Corsair, boasting a very good price-performance ratio. The PSU-case features a discreet design that is lightened by a big label on the side. With a mounting depth of only 140 millimeters, the CX is universally usable in older cases. High-quality components provide for Corsair to an average life expectancy of around 100,000 hours, which the power supply is a solid and stable investment. For cooling, a 120-mm fan is responsible, which adjusts its speed automatically depending on heat production.

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    Re: Corsair CX 600W is it worth purchasing

    High-end in all areas. The Corsair memory segment has long been the leading suppliers and has earned for hardware enthusiasts and overclockers an excellent reputation. Based on this division expanded its range and the manufacturer also now offers first-class power supplies, CPU coolers and case. Overall it is a very good power supply hopefully this will fix the issue.

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