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Thread: External TV Tuner v/s Internal Tv tuner

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    External TV Tuner v/s Internal Tv tuner

    I have got a desktop system, but here my issue is not with a desktop computer but with my television set, I had a Samsung Television in my house, since few days it is not working because it is very old now, I had bought it 12 years back and its tube is malfunctioning now. I cannot afford to buy a new television right now so I was thinking of a tuner card or a tv tuner to install in my system , but there are of two types it so i could not take any decision since I am not aware which will work better and which will not. So for that reason I have posted my query in this technical forum and I am expecting that my doubt will be cleared from here . So please give valuable feedbacks.

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    Re: External TV Tuner v/s Internal Tv tuner

    The external tv tuner will work on any platform , it is not dependent on any sort of operating system you can openly connect it with your monitor and watch tv on it . But rather I will You should prefer a external tuner rather than the internal one, because an internal one is operating system dependent and I too have heard that it is coming up with lots of issues with the operating system such as Linux operating system.

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    Re: External TV Tuner v/s Internal Tv tuner

    External is simple to install, just like connecting in a cable and so is also trouble-free to move between systems . Internal will be bit more tricky to install and take away and will eat up your system’s resources . However external tv tuners are of two types. one that is plugged through usb and operates similar to the way of an internal tuner and other that just uses your monitor and is not plugged with the motherboard.

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    Re: External TV Tuner v/s Internal Tv tuner

    If you wish to work also while watching tv, something that comes very useful while watching concerts or listening music, then you should prefer the one that plugs via your system board, rather internal or external with usb connection. In this scenario the tv window is just similar to any other window that you can minimize or regulate to any size that you prefer , so that you can all the other sorts of work along with the other tasks such as making the use of the system .

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    Re: External TV Tuner v/s Internal Tv tuner

    Whatever you like the selection mostly depends on how much money you can spend on the Tuner card because the tuner that uses the usb connection is approximately 40 percent more expensive while the working of the alternate tuner and this tuner is almost identical, but here there is one more option or alternative for you , the tuner which just makes the use of the monitor, occupies your monitor while you are watching television, they are quite cheap but you cannot use both your system and the television at the same time as the CPU is turned off , but just the monitor is turned on. If you are talking about the picture and sound quality there is not much difference , but you will not be able to record or capture the live things that you can do in the tuner that you connect with the motherboard.

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