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Thread: static noise after connecting headphones in the front panel

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    static noise after connecting headphones in the front panel

    I have got a desktop system , I had purchased it around 2 years back . Although it works fine till now , but really annoys when I connect some external peripherals to it. My system has a dual core processor from Intel and 2GB of DDR RAM.I have recently been trying to point out how to resolve this issue. basically when my headphones are attached up to the front panel on the bezel it produces a lot of static that looks to me as noise from the hard disk is working .Along with it I have got power supply from Silverstone 850W and a HT Claro Omega Audio card and if talked about the hard drive it is power supply that uses raid 0 technology. So it really annoys me whenever I connect head phones to my system . What can be the source of that noise please tell me so that I can take measures accordingly.

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    Re: static noise after connecting headphones in the front panel

    I would recommend you to do the following steps :
    • Remove all the cable cord from the the front panel USB/FW . Now check whether those headphones produce the same static noise when connected in the rear end of your system . Plugged the same headphones into the rear of the computer, worked, no noise.
    • Try modify the front panel audio cord so it does not impact much to the video card .
    • Check whether the system board audio is turned off in the BIOS
    • If you have done any sort of overclocking please make sure that you have removed all those overclocking components, such as coolers and all that.

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    Re: static noise after connecting headphones in the front panel

    Well this sort of noise can also be due the video card, the case LED's, or sometimes the CPU may be the source of such static noises . You can pull the cable away from any components while the audio system is on , to check whether it is conflicting with other devices . Unplug your LED cables from the motherboard . But if you think that the hard drive is really the issue for your mother board then you can .

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    Re: static noise after connecting headphones in the front panel

    I suggest you to search and watch a tutorial which is specially made for these types of issues, you can type your request that should include your core issue. These tutorials will show you how to wrap up audio connector of your front panel in a foil with the help of an electrical tape to decrease noise. I'll see if i can pull it up. Recently there was a noise in my system too I have ordered a Z-5500 , so if all the above measures fails just connect your headphones and microphone with the speaker control system that will be there on Z-5500. But I think your problems will come to an end if you follow these measures , at least one of these really should work.

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    Re: static noise after connecting headphones in the front panel

    According to me the source of that static noise is the hard drive. You have mentioned that you get that weird noise when you connect those head phones on the front panel of the system . But do you face the same issue when the head phones are not connected to the system. I think you should open the system and remove the hard d rive and connect it again with your system and restart the system once again. I think this is will surely will make your system up and running and you can easily connect your system and your headphones.

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    Re: static noise after connecting headphones in the front panel

    Clearly the issues lies with EM intrusion, and I found out that the issue is caused by the front USB and AUDIO headers having a common ground connection, hence decided to decouple them . And also the cables they are producing these days are of poor quality , these cables are causing a lot of distortion I think they are doing so in order to save the cost .

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