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Thread: Ion VCR2PC not working with Windows 7

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    Ion VCR2PC not working with Windows 7

    I purchase an Ion VCR2PC on the way to move all my VHS tapes to my computer however it does not appear on the way to desire to work by means of Windows 7. It functions fine by means of my laptop running windows XP however I was wondering if anybody also has come across this as well as if there is a solution. I visit to Ion's website however could not discover any update to Windows 7. Trying on the way to discover a way to obtain Ion VCR 2 computer to run in Windows 7? I am having no problem with it in vista.

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    Re: Ion VCR2PC not working with Windows 7

    I read the VCR 2 PC FEATURES which I have listed below:
    • VCR 2 PC connects to Windows XP as well as Vista by means of USB 2.0 port
    • Video resolution: up to 720 x 480 (NTSC) or else 720 x 576 (PAL)
    • Sends video uncompressed over the USB cable
    • VCR 2 PC Burn Video to DVD Export video to PSP
    • Standard RCA inputs designed for linking video cameras
    • Auto-tracking and variable speed slow motion as well as playback, and rewind
    • Soft-touch plus backlit buttons
    So it is not compatible in windows 7

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    Re: Ion VCR2PC not working with Windows 7

    Under key features it states that Minimum system Requirements for computer Windows XP 32-bit or 64-bit or Vista 32-bit or 64-bi) USB port And also VCR 2 PC is not compatible by means of Windows 7 as well as Mac operating system at this moment. Hope this will help you.

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    Re: Ion VCR2PC not working with Windows 7

    Just completed my initial VHS Tape on the way to MPEG translation by means of the VCR2PC as well as it may possibly not have been simple. The only problem I found into was when installing it on Windows 7 64 bit for the reason that the driver on the CD is not digitally mark. On the other hand, you go to the website as well as beneath documentation as well as downloads I found the commands on how to update the driver as well as the digitally sign driver for windows 7/ vista/ windows xp. The video plus audio superiority was a precise copy of the original tape. You be able to set it on the way to record for additional occasion furthermore just click Record or Stop to manually regulate the duration of recording time. There is as well a check box you be able to mark for automatically making a DVD.

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    Re: Ion VCR2PC not working with Windows 7

    Here are the procedures I follow:
    1] VCR 2 PC is plugged in outlet
    2] Insert CD into computer
    3] plug up usb cable into computer as well as VCR2PC
    3.a] The driver installed successfully
    3.b]Downloading the following:
    i .VCR 2 PC - NTSC Hardware Driver
    ii. VCR 2 PC - Driver Update Instructions
    3.c ]Unzip the NTSC Hardware and update the driver once again.
    4. Ran the setup prom CD as well as ran the default settings
    5. I opened EZ VHS Converter it saye there is a problem with my sound I IGNORE THIS AND PUT THE TAPE inside. Started automatically in the middle obtains audio perfectly and in sync. I rewind the tape as well as played from the start.
    6. at what time the tape got to the tip where I want to start the recording I just clicked Record
    later I had my MPEG version of my VHS inside my Videos folder.

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