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Thread: Connection lead of Driver for glucose meter

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    Connection lead of Driver for glucose meter

    Recently I am utilizing windows 7 operating system but it is for the first time I am using this and I have gotten a big trouble, in this PC is not able to recognize my blood glucose meter. I have contacted the software supplier who suggested a number of drivers and either it don’t work or I am not able to install them properly. The whole thing worked very well on my old windows xp pc which died in recent times. I obtain the warning USB Device not Recognized When I begin to investigate in the system the only bug code I am able to discover is that windows has found the driver but disabled the device(Code 43). The software dealer provides me the following information.The Lifescan USB cable has an inbuilt prolific chip, so you are able to make use of prolific drivers as well. And as usually Vista drivers works too along with Windows 7 it should be no difficulty to install a prolific vista driver such these here to connect you meter with your PC: Just to provide more information the lead has a USB on the computer end and a 2.5mm Jack on the computer end. The glucose meter is a life scan one touch ultra. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and at the present I have to go back to how results were recorded 10years ago, Pen and paper. Windows 98 was enhanced; this type of medical stuff for me is much more important than videos or games please help if you are able to.

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    Re: Connection lead of Driver for glucose meter

    Recently I am also utilizing the 64 bit Windows 7 home premium, the older version of One touch did not work either but they have a fresh version online and it works very well. But here I want to ask you that what happens when you unzip the file that Life scan suggests you download and install it? And the second thing over here is you are making use of a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows 7? If you have a 64 bit version you will require a 64 bit driver for the USB-serial interface.

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    Re: Connection lead of Driver for glucose meter

    Here I just want to thank you because I am also going through this situation. I was at trying to obtain put up on my new computer. And in this I have also tried all the normal things like everybody. I was even on hold along with Lifescan for approximately an hour and attempting to obtain a solution from the tech department. The simply solution they have is a non-answer, which is they are working on it and to check back for a moment in october 2010. I have downloaded the driver and it works enormous. I have lost all my data before for the similar exact reason. Now I have learned a little swindle to keep backups of my records as a pdf file. This way if I lose the data in the program I still have a copy of the information. I make use of Cute PDF. In the one touch program in the setup printer choice I decide the Cute pdf printer, then I print it to a pdf file then I burn it to a cd. I have for all time data, though not looking forward to inputting all that data manually if it ever came to that. But nice to be acquainted with I have the backup if I ever require it.

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    Re: Connection lead of Driver for glucose meter

    Regarding this I am very glad that you have got it working, unluckily I am still stressed, which version of the lifescan software are you utilizing, and which meter do you make use of. I am going to order a fresh interface lead as this is the only fixation I have not tried, at least now I am acquainted with it can be done. So I hope this much of work by me will let me get out from this issue.

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    Re: Connection lead of Driver for glucose meter

    My operating system is windows vista 64 bit. I had been using the older meter software on my older laptop and decided I required in setting up the new v2.5.2 software upgrade from LifeScan's web site on the newer Vista computer. The download and install of the software went presently very well. I then installed the USB/Serial driver v2.0 from the CD I got when I bought the cable. Later than installing the 2.0 driver, the fresh v2.5.2 software never would discover the meter. And regarding this issue I have googled but till now I am not satisfied with the solutions which I got from many of the forum sites.

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