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Thread: Windows 7 does not detect shared hp printer ?

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    Windows 7 does not detect shared hp printer ?

    I have got a desktop system and I had bought it around 5 months back , I have installed Windows 7 operating system , my issues lies in the printer. I have got Hp printer. I connect th Hp printer through my usb , then it connects fine and I get the print outs easily but it failed When I attempted to add the printer as shared printer to my Windows 7 laptop system , the Windows 7 successfully recognizes it on the network, but it shows some error as well that states my operating system cannot detect any driver hp LaserJet 3380 PCL 6 and it is demanding for some file '*.INF' file which is Unknown and When I connect it to my home network on which Windows xp is installed the same message pops up again, in shot the TCP/ IP option which is needed for a shared network is not available.Please someone help me on this issue.

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    Re: Windows 7 does not detect shared hp printer ?

    I think you should go by the simple language , it states that it does not recognize the drivers , so you should install the printer driver, if you have already installed it then please uninstall it again and then download it from the hp printer support. But before downloading check your printer name and ensure that you are installing the correct version of your printer drivers.

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    Re: Windows 7 does not detect shared hp printer ?

    I think you should just go through printer properties and then begin the print server properties, well it is always better o launch the server properties than adding the printer. In the Start search box type run and hit enter then in the console type the command printui /s /t1, but bear in mind that you should not run as admin before you execute this command. Then from there you can share your printer remotely after using \\remote\printshare command after adding it to the local port.

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    Re: Windows 7 does not detect shared hp printer ?

    I think you are facing this issue because you are not authenticated properly i.e the network does not recognize your shared printer in the network layer. So in that case what you can do is you can install a 32 bit Windows 7 version driver. So you will have to create a printer profile that is being recognized by the USB port or The LPT then check whether it can be shared or not. You can also install the Windows 7 on the home network as well .

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