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Thread: Create virtually unlimited storage for my PC

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    Create virtually unlimited storage for my PC

    I own a desktop PC in my home which contain 640GB HDD. I fact of having a large HDD I am still lacking in storage space. The reason is I download lot of stuffs either from internet or from others person. So I am thinking that instead of buying other HDD is there any alternative way to increasing storage capacity. I have noticed that many webhosting services which will provide a virtually unlimited storage. Now what I am thinking is can I create my own unlimited storage like one in PC. If this is really possible then how to create it? Please explain me.

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    Re: Create virtually unlimited storage for my PC

    It seems to be that someone gave you wrong information about unlimited storage. How can it possible? Can’t you think about it? If it was possible then why do we need HDD or other storage devices, why do we need upgrade for our older system? It is not possible in any manner especially in offline computers.Usually the Virtual Hard Drive or virtual unlimited storage means online web space where you can store files. Useful for taking backup and access them virtually anywhere, anytime (Ex:-Microsoft SkyDrive). There are some paid version and free version of virtual online storage available now.

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    Re: Create virtually unlimited storage for my PC

    I think that it is not possible for you create virtual unlimited storage because it is offline. You can use online virtual unlimited storage provided by some websites. One of the best is MediaFire. It gives several features like:
    • Unlimited Uploads
    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Unlimited Storage
    • No Sign Up Required
    • No Speed Limits
    • RSS File Feeds
    • Share Huge Files
    • Direct/Hot Linking
    • Flexible Sharing with email, twitter, facebook and many more.

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    Re: Create virtually unlimited storage for my PC

    The free web hosting sites which you are talking about don't really have an unlimited web hosting. They just display that they will provide unlimited storage, so that more people will register and host on their service. Like this way they can increase their popularity. The technique behind this is they just post a adds on every html pages. By clicking those ads gives them much budget that is enough to buy more inexpensive HDDs to hold their unlimited space and fat.

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