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Thread: Ethernet cable for maximum data transfer speed

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    Ethernet cable for maximum data transfer speed

    Can anybody suggest me which Ethernet cable should I buy to get the maximum data transfer, Since I purchased my computer in last month I needed to have a internet connection through the cable mode. So I purchased the new modem of Sony which will transfer up to I GB of data very easily. So I just wanted to which cable I should buy to get max download process in my computer. Does Ethernet cable affect the data transfer speed?Cause i m playing games online with my friends so the data should be quick without any interruption while playing, So can anyone suggest me that which data cable I buy? Help will be appreciated from every one.
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    Re: Ethernet cable for maximum data transfer speed

    Since home networks are not limited to 100Mb speed, you can actually get 1 GB LAN speeds for playing the games online internet must have nice speed, this can be accomplished over Cat6 cables all the way through gigabit enabled hardware, so after that there would be a advantage in getting more rapidly internet speeds. You can in fact get Cat5e cable which is easily available any of the computer hardware store to speed of 1 gigabit/ second it needed all the hardware to maintain gigabit speeds and commonly with Cat5e you require to have shorter cable runs and it’s not actually suggested. So it is up to which one you buy. I suggest you to buy the latest one i.e. Cat6e.

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    Re: Ethernet cable for maximum data transfer speed

    Though Cat 6e will support the high data transfer but Cat5e will do 1 gigabit/second up to the 100m (max span) 90m for the "straight" and 5m apiece end for patch cables. Though I m confused among the Uni's Fibre connection and your Home whichever "cable" or ADSL over copper connection. a right commercial rating fiber connection will be capable to a lot faster speeds.. But that is too for the use of a lot of people in the commercial services. You can furthermore get fiber NIC"S and switches although that are very cost prohibitive. Then you require factoring in High Definition cache and RPM speeds of the fans, and other parts of the PC's that will generate a bottle neck. Now you will decide which one you buy.

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    Re: Ethernet cable for maximum data transfer speed

    For playing online games your internet must have more than 100 MB speed. If a calbe can transfer a 1 gigbit/second of speed is too good for anyone for playing games. If you need to play online since Cat 56 will goes upto speed of 1 gigbit/second but it has some issue since the data transfer is too high to sustain for the Cat 5e, so I suggest to buy the latest version of the Cat 5e and it is called as Cat 6e. It is widely use in the commercial places due to its high data transfer. So suggest you to buy the Cat 6e cable.

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