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Thread: how to change default printer on domain computer

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    how to change default printer on domain computer

    I start a small business, where I set up my computer as the domain machine which is running under windows 2003 server and connect 5 client machines which are in the environment of Windows vista. It is working fine without any problem regarding the file sharing and the network access. In each of the computer I installed the default printer to share this in the network. Now I wish to change the default printer with the other one which is also installed into the domain computer. Don’t know how to do this. searcher in different web sites for the process but nowhere get any such information about this. So is there any one having any information on this?
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    Re: how to change default printer on domain computer

    Log on the computer with the administrator user ID and password, and then got o control panel and look for the Printer and fax option, look for the browse option, where you can browse the printer form the machine where it installed, either in the domain machine or in the client machine. add it to the printer wizard and configure with the domain server of you are willing to use that one for the clients those are connected with the machine then during the configuration of the printer with the domain machine select the option to share this one in the client machine’s. Try this process, by this you can easily add the printer from the shared computer.

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    Re: how to change default printer on domain computer

    Click on start menu option then go to "Printers and Faxes" tab menu option, under that double click on Add printer option, then click on next this will open a “Add Printer Wizard" into the screen. Locate the printer which is attached with the network and this computer by select the Local or Network Printer option. It will ask you to locate the printer automatically from the network, click on yes. It will list the name of the printer those are connected into the network. From the list select the printer name and the name of the manufacturer of the printer which you want to connect in your domain computer, and click on Add, then click on finish. Try with print out of a page from that printer which you connect now, whether this is working or not. I think this is simplest way to connect the printer with the domain computer and it will definitely work.

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    Re: how to change default printer on domain computer

    Go to the control panel from the start menu; double click on the Printer wizard to add the printer in your domain machine to share this one. Right click on the printer name and click on share, but before that make sure that, the printer sharing option is enable in the in the network service configuration which you are using. This option will be look like “File and Printer Sharing” under the configuration window. Select the name of the printer from the printer wizard and select option share this printer. After that you can easily access different printer from the domain computer. After sharing the printer in the network you have to allow the option which is inside the network windows, to allow the client sharing this printer. If in all the client machine there is another printer is installed then you have to install separately that printer in the entire client computer, then all the client’s can access the printer from the computer.

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