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Thread: GPU and Display for large monitor

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    GPU and Display for large monitor

    I want some recommendations for the Monitor and Graphic card for the desktop which I am gonna build up. Actually I am gonna build a desktop computer just for the gaming purpose and some chatting, I know that the chatting does not need high end support from the desktop specifications but gaming needs some graphic support. I am looking for a passive cooled GPU for low noise. And one more use of this desktop would streaming videos.

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    Re: GPU and Display for large monitor

    A graphics card is essentially composed of a GPU, the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), and memory. The graphics card is, in itself, a small PC dedicated to graphics applications, independent from the rest of the PC, the only link being the information passing through the graphics port and power supply. Choosing a card is based on their needs and also its budget:
    • For desktop applications, an integrated chip or a graphics card entry only;
    • For multimedia applications, a graphics card that can play the desired video format is imperative;
    • For 3D video games, a more powerful graphics card is required;
    • For professional 3D graphics card business is essential.

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    Re: GPU and Display for large monitor

    Graphics cards are currently the most interesting point of view price / performance are:
    1. Entry level (<100 €): The ATI HD 5670 DDR5-G, representing the bare minimum to play properly on most games on 19 "screen (except the greediest);
    2. Input / midrange (100-150 €): Nvidia 450 GTS 1GB, or its competitor, the ATI HD 5770 1GB and the 2 cards are pretty close, will be chosen based on function schedules or tastes of everyone, of Moreover, used in SLI or CrossFire, they achieve performance premium for a lower cost;
    3. Mid-range (150-220 €): the nVidia GTX 460 1GB, which overclock very well 20% (and moving toward the GTX 470), or HD 6850, to 170 €, including performances are very similar, with a much lower consumption;
    4. Mid / high range (220-300 €): HD 6870, to 230 €, intermediate power between HD 5850 and 5870, which easily replaces the HD 5850, GTX 470, whose price has fallen remains an option, but is somewhat less interesting view power consumption;
    5. Top of range (> 300 €): The ATI HD 5870, which can play high detail of the most demanding games like Metro 2033 Full HD screen.

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    Re: GPU and Display for large monitor

    Therefore I recommend the GPUs as follows.
    • For office use, any kind GMA 950 integrated chip is suitable;
    • For use in multimedia, it is necessary that the graphics chip decodes carefree latest video formats, it is advisable to take a chip type GMA 4500MHD;
    • Finally, for the game, we recommend a graphics card Mobility HD 5650 GT 330M or, if one wants to play in high detail with most games on the screen of his laptop.

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    Re: GPU and Display for large monitor

    Professional graphics cards are based on the same GPU consumer graphics cards to play, but with a difference: performance is optimized for professional 3D applications, often in OpenGL, with specific drivers. For example, a Quadro 5000, based on the same GPU as the GTX 465, can display 50% more triangles than GTX 480. We can compare the performance of Pro graphics cards such as Quadro FX 4500 compared to a general public, the 8800GT: Pro applications on comparative performance. On 3D Studio Max and Catia, Open GL applications, the Quadro FX 4500, however, based on an old GPU, the G70, is significantly better than the 8800GT based on G92, newer. Of course, at play Direct X, Crysis, performance reversed, the 8800 GT gives 3 times more frames per second than the Quattro FX 4500.

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    Re: GPU and Display for large monitor

    I would simply say that the difference between DX11 and DX10 cards / 9 will be the Compute Shader 4.0 and 4.1 will be compatible with DirectX 10 GPU and 10.1, and Compute Shaders 5.0 which offer more opportunities, particularly at double precision atomic operations and benefit the DX11 cards. Now it depends on you that which GPU you should buy according to your needs.

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