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Thread: Antec 1200 vs Antec df-85

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    Antec 1200 vs Antec df-85

    I have never used a Antec case before as my case and now I am fortunate enough as the Antec company itself is providing a sponsor to me and is being providing me a option of the type of cabinet that I want but I am confused as to which case is the better one. I have heard that the Antec 1200 and the Antec df-85 are the best case of all, but I am confused as to which case to go for. If any one have suggestions please give me a post and tell me which one I should prefer to use. And also tell me that whether the Antec 1200 is the power supply or the Case, that can be used for another one.

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    Re: Antec 1200 vs Antec df-85

    The suggestions for the Antec 1200 to the Antec df-85 goes always for the Antec df-85. The company provides for the suggestions and the company itself provides the solution that the Antec df-85 is the better option to go for. In the above query you where asking whether the Antec 1200 is a power supply or not it not a power supply, the power supply Antec name is Antec Quattro 1200 OC. So no worries they both are the different thing.

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    Re: Antec 1200 vs Antec df-85

    The Antec 1200 is not a bad option at all, and the only problem is that you got to unscrew the cages that are there for the drives and then you can go to the fan filters, which in case you got to remove it or not. But it also wont be a problem if you see the CM builds and the HAF models. The only problem with the Antec 1200 is for reaching the fan filters, other then if your going for Antec df-85 it would be best for you with no such issues.

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    Re: Antec 1200 vs Antec df-85

    The Antec df-85 provides for more cooling then the Antec 1200 and I suppose you should go for the one which is providing you with better cooling. The Antec 1200 as a option for two extra fans that can provide you with a better cooling option. But if your planning for a new case then the better option would be going for the Antec df-85 because of its inbuilt features and better cooling then the Antec 1200.

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    Re: Antec 1200 vs Antec df-85

    If you want to check for more details regarding the case then you can check out the details in the link that is being given, where you will get the detailed information of the case, which will give you a better review that which is the better option for you. The Antec df-85 has a small fan inside it and the overall performance is that it doesn't make any sounds when the case is working.

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    Re: Antec 1200 vs Antec df-85

    If your preferences are for the looks then you should definitely go for the Antec df-85 option that looks awesome and provided you with the same performance as the looks are concerned. The optical bay drives that are provided by the Antec df-85 are quite smart in looks, but some people have a hard time dealing with the decorative tabs, so its up to you that which one you are opting for. Also see whether they are providing you with the Quattro 1200 OC power supply because it is one of the best of the Antec power supplies. And the p-series cases are also good for providing proper air flows.

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