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Thread: How to take pics with my webcam in windows 7

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    How to take pics with my webcam in windows 7

    Hi i have recently purchased a laptop of dell with all the latest configuration and windows 7 as its operating system and intel core 2duo and also it has a web camera of 2 mega pixel but i no idea of using it , Can i take pictures through it if yes than how and if not then what is its use , please help me in this case. i don't see any web cam icon on my system tray. where i can find this web cam option.

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    Re: How to take pics with my webcam in windows 7

    You must have got a disk that contains the driver of the web cam. What actually it does is that when you install any operating system on the board then the drivers are needed to be installed because they are the only one who connects the hardware peripheral with the operating system. So what you do is first install the driver and then it will be easy to view the web cam and take photos.

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    Re: How to take pics with my webcam in windows 7

    I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that you have not install the drivers and if not then install it as soon as possible and if you have installed it than do one thing just go to your my computer option on the desktop of yours , and there you will find the option external device (camera)., just have a click on it than you can use the camera to its greater effect. Also you can take pictures through it .

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    Re: How to take pics with my webcam in windows 7

    I was also facing the same problem and was not able to see the camera icon and also my drivers are properly installed the other thing was i was not able to get the camera access at all. But later on when i checked with it one my driver was corrupted so what i did is installed the original copy of the driver in it then it worked smoothly, So i suggest you to the same , hope it will work for you.

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