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Thread: BFG RMA technology?

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    BFG RMA technology?

    I just take 9800GT graphics card today, though it having some light scratches on it and the fan striker was a bit loose, but it is working now well with a normal temp.Now i would like to know something about 'BFG' 'RMA', what it's contribution with graphics card? Is there any one give me some knowledge about the technology....
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    Re: BFG RMA time frame?

    BFG technology was introduced for U.S. based suppliers for power supplies and 3D video cards based on NVIDIA technology and a manufacturer of high stability in gaming or home theater systems. The graphics card for mainstream is manufactured by BFG. they were well known fro their Asylum brand. BFG is only one of the graphics manufacturer company who already offer cards that were already overclocked from developer recommented speed.Then, many other manufacturers have copied BFG's model.

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    Re: BFG RMA technology?

    I have an little information regarding this technology,that I would like to share with you. This is an reputed graphic card manufacturer company mainly collaborate with NVIDIA technology. Beside that in Jnuary 5,2009 BFG launched its computer line called as "Phobos", featured as touch panel LCD with well performance control. And also BFG technology graphic cards and liquid cooling solution fro CoolIT and INTEL Processor.

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    Re: BFG RMA technology?

    I would like also share something about the BFG power supply. BFG technology manufactures a full range of power supply basically for ATX supported systems. The power line up had consists of 530W, 550W, 600W, 650W, 800W and 1000W. Now it is refined for separate categories for separate markets. Like for GS series, it consists of GS-450, GS-550 and GS-650, 450W, 550W and 650W power supplies respectively and were sold in only mainstream units only. Also for LS series it supplies LS-450 450W power supply, LS-550 550W power supply and LS-680 680W power supply.

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    Re: BFG RMA technology?

    The post are sufficient for gain knowledge in BFG, I would like to share something about RMA.Return merchandise authorization(RMA) is an numbered authorization provided by an mail order merchant fro permit the return of product,though sme companies are allowed to return only the defective products or some companies are allowed for any software if it is not opened.An RMA number is is there which is very important for both merchant and customer for their business purpose(say returning any product). RMA is one of the board partner of BFG Tech. And at present BFG officially started denying for their "lifetime warranty" graphic cards.
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