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Thread: USB performing EXTREMELY slow

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    USB performing EXTREMELY slow

    Was simply enjoying my laptop and Windows XP. I was quite satisfied with the performance of the file transfer that my laptop use to give me when I was using it. I had no problem with Windows XP. Now I made my move towards Windows 7. I find the transfer speed to have reached a very low level. As I was not having any problem with the XP version it is sure shot nothing to do with the hardware. What could be the possible reason for this? Please tell me.

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    Re: USB performing EXTREMELY slow

    Usually USB freezes the PC occasionally. In my case it really does this. I use USB sound blaster which is external and of 24bit. Also I use keyboard-mouse with it. I can watch movie over it, and then at a sudden the movie stops and then after some time the PC completely freezes. All I can do is wait for RTM to fix this problem. I would also suggest you to post the query to the tech-support or wait till the members of this forum respond to your query.

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    Re: USB performing EXTREMELY slow

    I am also facing similar problem with this USB. It is somewhat similar to the problem mentioned above. I'm suffering from extremely slow USB transfer speeds. I'm using an asus p5n32-e motherboard with the nvidia chipset and vista ultimate 64-bit. I have tried lots of solution from the NVIDIA sites and even implemented them but could not help it.I'm probably being an idiot and missing something very basic but I can't seem to sort it. Any advice would be great.

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    Re: USB performing EXTREMELY slow

    Please check your drivers. Go to Device Manager. See if there are any unknown devices there with yellow triangles on them? If the drivers are missing or there are yellow triangles on it then you will need to update it. If there is no problem in the Device Manager then you can go to the Event Viewer. Event Viewer is the best way to find what the problem is. Go to the windowslog>application tab. There you need to look for the critical errors. Just find them and please note the event ID, and the source codesand tell us what they are. After this only I would be able to tell you or suggest you something.

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