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Thread: Mechanical hard disk vs Hybrid hard disc vs Solid State drive

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    Mechanical hard disk vs Hybrid hard disc vs Solid State drive

    I am trying to find out the difference between set of different hard drive. There are Mechanical, Hybrid, and Solid State drive. Just recently my drive got damaged. I was using a 500GB WD drive. It is not working well and I had lost all my data. I am looking for a reliable storage this time. I am ready to spend a bit higher also. Compare to all of them I found that SSD's are the most trusted one. But they are on the same hand costly. I am unable to find any budget SSD. One that I found mostly are low space and costly drive. Does the other two one can be reliable alternative.

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    Compare to SSD I think you must go with hybrid drive. They can be cheaper and can also offer you more reliable output. Here you can get a Seagate 2.5-inch drive. The model is Momentus 7200. It brings a lot of feature with a portable design. Just try to find out the actual cost of the same in the local market. And if you want SSD then you have the fastest solution. The only lies with the expensive cost. I do not think there is anything better than the regular drives that we use.

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    Re: Mechanical hard disk vs Hybrid hard disc vs Solid State drive

    It is good to keep multiple drive in your system. So that you can keep different copy of data and it wont get lost when a drive fails to works. Always keep a secondary solution in your system so that you can use it well. If you try to go with a new SSD, I think you can get a pair two drives in that. And you also get a high storage space on the same. It is also essential that your pc must support what kind of drive your system has.

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