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Thread: Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice

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    Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice

    Does anyone have some information on Logitech G700 mouse. I want to something about the same. It is a nice mouse and I want to buy the same from my system. I was looking for a better gaming mouse where I found this. The G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse is the newest Logitech mouse for gamers. It has been not so long when it came in the market. I need some more highlights on its feature.

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    Re: Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice

    The mouse G700 offers a very good grip. It comes with a software which you can download from site also. It is called as SetPoint and it offers lot of classic settings and still needed. The setting levels of sensitivity of a sensor can be adjusted as power you need and there are around thirteen programmable buttons, adjustable speed and vertical scrolling wheel.

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    Re: Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice

    The best thing about this mouse is that you are not limited to one settings. There are settings that can also be applied to multiple by using different profiles. There are normally three predefined profiles and they are general, productivity and play. But it is possible to create as many profiles as you want. Big advantage, the G700 is equipped with an internal memory capable of storing your game profiles, which is very useful to find its settings very quickly if you play on multiple machines.

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    Re: Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice

    I had use this mouse before and I had found that after tweaking the settings, the Logitech mouse becomes very effective. The laser sensor is very sensitive and there is no mistake while playing the game. The high reactivity is confirmed by the software Mouse Rate Checker, which measures a refresh rate of 1034 Hz, consistent with the assertions of the manufacturer.

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    Re: Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice

    This mouse as 9 programmable buttons on it and the same is very easy to use also. The mouse is the wireless base, but is there a USB cable for charging. All the buttons can be associated with various functions and varied through the driver, except behind the wheel. By default, functions rewind / forward buttons are assigned to the G4 and G5 which make this much more effective for the play.

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    Re: Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice

    I like the shape of the mouse which is nice and better. The frequency, precisely, can be adjusted from 125 to 1000 Hz is an important point. At 125 Hz = mouse communicates its position to the computer every 1 / 125 = 8 ms. = 1000 Hz it does every 1 ms. At 1000 Hz the mouse is usually perfectly usable. Now, if one of your games induces frequent and rapid movements.

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    Re: Anyone have much info about the logitech g700 mice

    The G700 is located in mouse upscale players and its technical specifications are related. I had heard that there re 13 programmable buttons, macros, configurable, nano-receiver for wireless, maximum resolution of 5700 dpi, a reactivity of up to 1000 Hz, runners can take 250 km or a left click ability to collect 8,000,000 clicks. All these features are hidden. In use, the mouse offers several advantages.

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