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Thread: SYS volume is failing

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    SYS volume is failing

    I am under Windows home Server. Now a days I am getting every now and then a warning message that says "SYS volume is failing" and asks me to repair it as soon as possible. But when I repair it, it runs as normal for few days and then the same message comes up once again. I am stuck now, what should I do to fix this problem? I don't think there is any problem with any drive and this is what was said by the diagnostic tools that I have ran until now. What else should be done in such situation?

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    Re: SYS volume is failing

    This happens a lot of time when hard disk usually dies. If you perform check disk with chkdsk command and found some error which reappears frequently then it is an indication for drive becoming nonoperational. If your drive is too old then this may be one of the reason for drive failure. So its better to give up the current drive and get a new one.

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    Re: SYS volume is failing

    Go to Windows home Server Console. Click on the Server Storage Tab. Do you see any of your drives with an "Unhealthy" status message? If there is then right click on that drive and select Repair. A new window will popup with title "Repair Hard Drive Wizard". Click on Next button. Click Finish to proceed with the operation. Once it is done, your will asked to restart your computer now or later on. Click on "Restart Now". That's it.

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    Re: SYS volume is failing

    The error that you are getting is more of bad indexes that appears after chkdsk operation. Windows Home Server usually run this operation quiet often to avoid any further losses or low performance. If you are getting this kind of message more than 1 time in a month then it s better to take the drive to the manufacturer to look in to the matter. In extreme cases this problem even occurs if you do not shut down your server safely, but hard turn off. Or it may even occur if you have a frequent power cut at your place. These all things affect the hard disk a lot and in its performance.

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