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Thread: Hard Drive Partition Table Repair

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    Hard Drive Partition Table Repair

    My Windows 2000 have just got crashed and when it thought it can be solved to go for the booting up it would crash from then on. I found that entire drive letters which has been changed. I suspect a worst IDE cable connection which I got later as this would not recognize the IDE drives for a while either. Now, it passes the same well. Working with the Partition Magic 8.0 on different operating system that I have replaced the letters back and considering , this would fix the issue . It only compounded this . At the time of processing of the same as a partition table was corrupted on one drive and I can no longer retrieve and some different drive got fails with a chkdsk and fails to repair the same. Now ,I am just considering that if I am able to repair the corrupt to these drive partitions. Can someone help me please ?

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    Re: Hard Drive Partition Table Repair

    This can be primarily resolved with the help of windows specified components . In this case, if you are able to access the windows command prompt section or you can say DOS prompt , then you can solve this out ...If have entered in the DOS , you can go ahead and try to execute the command as fdisk/mbr. During this moments , I don't think there's much to lose here .

    In case, if you are scared from the losing the neceessary stored files,then you can run the data recovery software on the same before you used the fdisk/ mbr.

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    Re: Hard Drive Partition Table Repair

    Fine, I am running with the same issue , but the drive is straight out of the box, brand new. I have moved to work with the DOS to issue the command as fdisk, but DOS does not detect the drive. The only, the Device manager and the BIOS. I have got this somewhere and it might be running with something to perform with a worst partition table, but I have used with some tools and they don't seem to resolve this . Know of a fine utility (they entirely seemed pretty worst made) ?

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    Re: Hard Drive Partition Table Repair

    I am as a new for this one forum and running with similar issue. I have a dual booted Windows vista and Ubuntu 9.04. I moved on the machine after two months and got something that I am unable to boot either OS. The Grub Bootloader does not come up with the same . Neither there is an option for booting from the hard disk showing . I have tried to run the live disk of the Ubuntu 10.04 and have done the installation of the same.

    When I moved to the partitioning section ,I am not getting any entries there. I can't view any partition onto my hard disk. There is not any entries showing , Am clueless whether this is a situation of the partition table finding the damaged or some hardware related issues . Do you have any suggestion please ?

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