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Thread: Installing Network Printers in Windows 7 64 bit

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    Installing Network Printers in Windows 7 64 bit

    I am not able to get a network printer on my Windows 7 system. I have a HP photosmart printer at my home. I am using Windows 7 64 bit and when I tried to connect the same with a usb support then the printer is not shown. Now it is connected to a Windows XP machine and the same is left shared on the network. How can I access it. What all steps will be needed here.

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    Re: Installing Network Printers in Windows 7 64 bit

    It is now possible to share a printer on a LAN via a USB port in a much easier way. In general, each computer on your network must have the drivers for the printer in question. Generally, Windows will recover in its basic personal or connect to Windows Update. Some printers may not be compatible with Windows 7, but the alternative is to use generic drivers or run them in compatibility mode for Windows Vista.

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    Re: Installing Network Printers in Windows 7 64 bit

    There are two ways by which the network is shared. The first is the printer is connected to an ADSL router via USB (box) and the other one is the printer is directly shared via a computer network. Open the Start menu and then click Devices and printers and then in the window that appears, click Add a printer. Then in the dialog box, select Add a network printer, wireless or Bluetooth. Windows will search for detecting the printers on the network.

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    Re: Installing Network Printers in Windows 7 64 bit

    I am having a Livebox on my system. For that click on the printer that I want is not listed then enter in the field http://livebox:631 then select a shared printer by name. In the case of a Neufbox, click The printer that I want is not listed then select Add a printer using a TCP / IP or a hostname. Please wait a moment and then Next, time detection. Additional information we are then requested. Leave then select Standard Generic Network Card.

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    Re: Installing Network Printers in Windows 7 64 bit

    It is necessary that you must configure the printer driver so that it must work well on Windows 7. For that when you install the printer select the manufacturer and model of printer in the proposed lists. If it is absent then there are two options available. The first one is Windows Update which will search the driver on the Internet from Microsoft and the other one is the driver CD of the printer.

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    Re: Installing Network Printers in Windows 7 64 bit

    It is possible to access the printer which is shared from the server. When you search for printers in the printer and faxes box then here, Windows is able to identify you printers. It'll just select the printer you want to add then give it a name. You now have a real printing center independent of any computer it is your DSL router that is responsible for returning the print job to the printer connected via USB. Besides sharing a printer, it is possible to do the same with an external hard drive.

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    Re: Installing Network Printers in Windows 7 64 bit

    You can add the printers directly from Devices and Printer. It will display the panel of devices. In this window you can see group of icons for almost all types of devices which are connected to your computer. The devices connect can be physically connected or by cable or wirelessly connected. If you cannot see the same then you will need to configure the printer manually in Windows 7.

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    Re: Installing Network Printers in Windows 7 64 bit

    I suggest you to follow listed steps to troubleshoot the issue.
    1. Click “Start”, “Devices and Printers”.
    2. Click “Add a printer”.
    3. Choose “Add a local printer” and click on “Create a new port”.
    4. Select “Local Port” and click “Next”.
    5. Type in "[\\computer name\printer name]" (without quotation marks) for the Port Name and click “OK”.
    6. Please select a correct driver from the list. If the model is not listed, please click the “Windows Update” button.

    Wait for the process finishes and try to find the driver again.

    Good luck

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